Encyclopedia Satanica


What is Satanism?

Satanism refers to the belief in Satan, either as an allegorical force of nature (LaVeyan Satanism), or as an actual deity – in His evilest manifestation (Theistic Satanism), and His most benevolent (Luciferianism). Both disciplines (sometimes) overlap with witchcraft and/or black magic. It is the intention of this blog to broach this topic from an academic perspective by providing Satanic-oriented scholarship of literature, music, art, quotes, philosophy, history, and occult practice.

Out of this colorful and complex portrait of the Dark Lord in His literary legacy from representatives of all these groups emerges a consistent narrative voice, one that embraces curiosity over certainty, self-actualization over assimilation, hedonism over abstinence, and always, evil over good.

It is the voice of the fringe – the eccentrics, the freaks, the weirdos, the outcasts.

They are at best under constant suspicion, at worst branded criminals. They are exceptional minds whose ideas expanded beyond the arbitrary constraints their fellow man had placed upon them, and whose lifestyles inspired centuries of fascination and terror to follow. They are notorious. They are divisive. They are years ahead of their time. Theirs is not a creed for the faint of heart or the weak of constitution.

It is the belief of this author that all who revere His unholy name are Brothers and Sisters in the Army of Darkness. My greatest ambition for this blog is that in compiling a common denominator in this body of literature for all Satanists to refer to, there will come a unity among these diverse – and often, regrettably, isolationist or secretive – sects that will bring the word of Satan back to popular conscience.

Ave Satanas!


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17 responses to “Encyclopedia Satanica

  1. So many people are confused and misinformed about what Satanism really is (including many self-proclaimed Satanists), a basic primer on the subject is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks you, Allison, for taking the time and making the effort to put this together. It is clearly a labor of love. Very Impressive. Job well done.

  2. Hi,

    Found this to be an excellent resource on all things of the occult. As a non-academic student of theology in the UK I’m happy to support with any of my related findings.


  3. I’m glad to see that you got Temple of Set among the links. I my self see me as a Setian and a bit Typhonian Thelemit. I been in the occult for 20 years. Gone from right hand to left hand. It will be interesting to read this blogg 🙂

  4. I found myself once again sharing your site with like minded people as I’ve done many times in the past. We have chatted breifly in the past and i found you to be a perfect representation of what we should all strive to demonstrate. This is easily one of the best, easiest to read sites dedicated to Satanism online. Excellent information and reference material. Never stop doing this.


  5. I love this blog. You have opened avenues of thought that are incredibly enlightening. The time it took to do this must have been long indeed, but will surely be beneficial to the open minded. Hail satanas

  6. Greetings,

    i like your site, i’m french and here in my country we don’t have a lot of satanic and left hand path organisations. I suggest to you if it’s possible to partake the link of ” sanctus satanas” formely known as the secret order of the black dragon. It’s the only one organisation in France of satanism with church of satan. They are very close in spirit of res satanae from russia.
    Thanx a lot

    link: http://www.sanctussatanas.bravesites.com

  7. I’m amazed there’s no info on Lucien Greaves and The Satanic Temple, considering their well-known political and social efforts, such as their efforts to get a statue of Satan erected in Oklahoma, and distributing Satanic literature at schools.

    • I had been meaning to do more information on the Temple, particularly in light of their recent literature distribution — I absolutely adore the pamphlets; they are so cute! — but I am terrible at self governance when it comes to routine site updates.

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