The First Satanic Church

After Anton LaVey died in 1997, the administrative headquarters of his church was moved to New York City, where it remains.

Karla LaVey, the daughter of Anton LaVey and his first wife Carol Lansing, considered this a disservice to her father’s legacy. In response, she founded the First Satanic Church, which operates out of San Francisco, California in much the same way it did when her father was at its helm.


Karla LaVey (right), founder of the First Satanic Church

The First Satanic Church’s primary function is organizing events to promote LaVey’s memory. It held a Walpurgisnacht show in 2005 out of the 12 Galaxies night club in San Francisco, as well as a benefit show at Edinburg Castle (also in San Francisco) to raise funds for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Every December, the church hosts an annual Black Mass show. Karla LaVey also hosts a Satanic radio show every week in which she plays the music she grew up listening to with her father, and invites listeners to submit their own music as well.


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