The Infernal Names in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno

These are the names of demons provided in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.


Lucifer, King of Hell, immersed in the frozen lake of Cocytus at the 9th Layer of Hell

Major Named Demons

Charon – Ferryman of the dead into Hell over the river Acheron
Minos – Serpentine demon; determines the level souls entering Hell are to reside based on the number of times he coils his tail around himself
Cerberus – “The great worm;” guardian of the gluttonous souls in the 3rd Layer of Hell
Pluto – Guardian of the greedy souls in the 4th Layer of Hell
Medusa – Threatens Dante alongside the Furies at the gates of the City Dis, beyond which the souls of active sinners are punished (as opposed to the ‘passive sinners’ residing thusfar)
Minotaur –  Half-man, half-bull; guardian of the violent souls in the 7th Circle of Hell
Geryon – The winged monster (part human, part lion, part reptilian, with a scorpion-like tail; a wyvern) that takes Dante and Virgil from the 7th Layer to 8th Layer of Hell
Malacoda – Leader of the Malebranche (“Evil Claws”), demons guarding the Fifth Bolgia in the 8th Layer of Hell; provide black and satirical comedy to mock the sinners immersed in a lake of boiling pitch
Cacus – A centaur with a fire-breathing dragon on his shoulders and snakes covering his equine back; guardian of the Seventh Bolgia in the 8th Layer of Hell, where thieves are punished
Biblical Giants (Nimrod, Ephialtes, Briareus, Tityos, Typhon, Antaeus) – Guardians of the 9th Layer of Hell; all are bound in chaisn and standing above a cliff overlooking the frozen lake, save for Antaeus, who lowers Dante and Vigil into the pit

Satan – King of Hell; captured in the frozen lake for committing the ultimate sin of the attempted usurpation of God; flaps his wings in an effort to escape his imprisonment, but only ensures it by generating the icy floe that keeps he and the worst sinners in the 9th Layer of Hell eternally frozen

he had three faces: one in front bloodred;
and then another two that, just above
the midpoint of each shoulder, joined the first;
and at the crown, all three were reattached;
the right looked somewhat yellow, somewhat white;
the left in its appearance was like those
who come from where the Nile, descending, flows.


A diagram of Lucifer (Satan) in the 9th Layer of Hell

Minor Demons

Furies (Alecto, Megaera, Tisiphone) – Threaten Dante alongside Medusa at the gates of the City Dis
Harpies – feed upon sinners in the Middle Circle of the 7th Layer of Hell, where souls are transformed into thorny bushes
Unnamed Demons flagellating the sinners in the First Bolgia of the 8th Layer of Hell
Unnamed sword-wielding demon cutting sinners to pieces in the Ninth Bolgia of the 8th Layer of Hell


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