Satanism on Suicide

Suicide is a major theme in my introductory essay Why Satanism? For many who have found Satan through adversity, the subject of suicide is an often-neglected topic. Under what circumstances can a Satanist reconcile their love of subjective experience with a willful volunteering to experience it no longer?

Anton Szandor LaVey on Suicide

Anton LaVey was explicit in his condemnation of suicide, except in cases of extreme suffering. In The Satanic Bible, he states:

Self-sacrifice is not encouraged by the Satanic religion. Therefore, unless death comes as an indulgence because of extreme circumstances which make the termination of life a welcome relief from the unendurable earthly existence, suicide is frowned upon by the Satanic religion.

He added that fear of death is not to be avoided; it is to be expected of someone who has lead a good life and doesn’t want it to end.


(Speculative) Theistic Satanism on Suicide

As there is no major body of work by which all theistic Satanists adhere, there is no unanimous opinion among them on the subject of suicide.

However, it could be argued that part of a Biblical theistic Satanic perspective – that is, a theistic Satanic perspective that includes the Biblical canon in its own – is blaspheming against the word of God in all ways, and the Christian perspective on suicide is at best sympathetic (but still a damnable offense), at worst vitriolic (considered as bad as murder of another person, and therefore a damnable offense). Therefore, the Biblical theistic Satanist committed to breaking the Judeo-Christian God’s rules might consider suicide among their options for admittance into Hell – in old age or sickness, after one has broken all of his prior commandments first!

The Order of Nine Angles on Suicide

The Order of Nine Angles, as quoted from the Code of Kindred Honor to which all its members adhere, believes that it is permissible to commit suicide when the alternative is submitting to a “mundane” or “mundane society” – in other words, incarceration.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to never willingly submit to any mundane; to die fighting rather than surrender to them; to die rather (if necessary by our own hand) than allow ourselves to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

Ultimately, the goal of every Satanist is to decide their ethical system for themselves. Conference long and hard with yourself over the decision; it is not to be made lightly. If you or someone you know needs professional help, here is a non-religious suicide prevention hotline.


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