Ordo Serpentis – Luciferism

The Ordo Serpentis, known as Luciferism and Luciferans (not to be confused with Luciferianism and Luciferians), are a sub-group of self-described “traditional Satanists.”

“To gain an understanding of authentic Satanism it is necessary for the individual to be able to disassociate what they may have been taught from confused humanists, misbehaved christians, dabbling cabalistists and a whole host of other false claimants as well as to recognise that much that has been reported in a some what historical fashion has invariably been tainted by those who actually (for many reasons, powr being the most abundant) oppose Satanism.

The covens of the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, prior to being tainted by nobles who sought to both regain control over their serfs as well as to entertain their own questionable tastes for entertainment, were predominantly institutions of rebellion against the established rulers as well as a celebration of life removed from such bonds.

Thus the attending individual would both be armed against his or her oppressors (often through the use of poisons as well as spiritual and magical means) and enjoy a taste of life (albeit in a somewhat clandestine fashion) with the edicts and unjust burdens of such “authorities” removed. In this fashion was the true spirit of Lucifer (known as Satan after the fall) invoked and valued by the participants.

Satanism is not simply a direct opposite response to Judeo-Christian scripture. Those that claim such do not have the understanding of Cathar inversion. (The Cathars would often conduct seemingly orthodox Christian rites but have the true meaning veiled. Those of like nature understood, for example, that when the priest stated “God” it was not, in all actuality, addressing the Judeo-Christian deity. Such were the operations able to be carried out publicly without fear of drawing the wrath of the authorities of the Christian church.) Luciferism invokes and upraises the true spirit of Satan as the archetypical rebel against unjust (and unrightfully assumed) authority while also empowering the individual and celebrating this vital spark of life. Any arguments to the contrary are born either of ignorance or fear, or both.” – Ordo Serpentis, Illumination

Membership is currently closed as the order undergoes “refinement and restructuring.”

“The Ordo Serpentis is currently undergoing a period of refinement and restructuring. When this has reached a satisfactory stage then membership shall be available with the aim of establishing a network of new covens. Until such time those of kindred spirit are encouraged to apply themselves to the study and practice of Liber Serpente and to partake in the Outer Circle rite.” – Ordo Serpentis, Introduction


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