A Call to Arms!


A Call to Arms!

Rise up, Children Of Hell
and raise the Pentagram Shield!
We fight, Sons and Daughters of Satan
against the numbing stupidity of our foes!
Lord Satan LIVES in our hearts!
Lord Satan LIVES in our blackened souls!
the grace of our KING, Satan-Lucifer,
Emperor of Hell’s Eternal Plains!
Shining bright, Lucifer’s Own
our fire burns away boring mediocrity!
We shower only contempt on the gibbering monkeys and
harness the Powers of Perdition that we may be as GODS!
Gods of Hell are we and Our Father
Lord Satan smiles upon us!
You worshipers of Lord Satan,
Take heed this call:
Never give up!
Never give in!
The inverted cross becomes as a SWORD of RAGE
cleaving all those who would hinder our Satanic DESTINY.
Hail Satan!

– from Satanic Sermons by Brother Malek

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