No Messiahs, No Masters!


No Messiahs, No Masters!

We give our devotion to Satan–
But understand that this is not the same as giving devotion to a human being posing as a “messiah” (ie., yogis, maitreyas, christs, saviors, and all the rest):
Satan is the very essence of Freedom for us.
This means He can be anything we need Him to be. He only asks us to Question All Things…
If a human being comes to you and tells you that He is “The Teacher”, or
“The Christ”, or “Messiah”,
it is Satan within you who says “Bullshit!!! Who does this clown think he’s talking to?!?”
As a Satanist, I already am an Antichrist.
This means I REJECT those who would try to sell me their spiritual bill of goods–Sorry, “Maitreya”, I ain’t buyin’ your crap!
You see, Satan would have his own know that they can find their OWN spiritual enlightenment:
the Satanist finds out that he/she ALREADY IS divine, and needs no-one to “lead” or “teach” them.
The light of Lucifer is already in you…you ARE your own god or goddess.
I happen to think it’s tougher for Satanists in a sense, because our enlightenment comes through hard work on ourselves:
We’re making our OWN way in this life, and are taking the good and the bad by ourselves.
We don’t have the luxury of a “guru” or a “yogi” to guide us–
We only have our rebellion, and our self-reliance…
And we have the figure of Satan to model ourselves after.
But this makes us FREE in a way the slaves to human religious teachers will NEVER be!
Hail Satan, Author of TRUE freedom!

– from Satanic Sermons by Brother Malek


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