The Hail Satan


The Hail Satan

Lord Satan, You who called me from the darkness in my youth,
Lord Satan, You who gave me freedom from the predictable life,
Lord Satan, You who comfort me now in my twilight years,
Make yourself known to those who would know you.
Lord Satan, You who rule that WHICH IS,
Lord Satan, enemy of that which is expected of us by fools,
Lord Satan, insouciant force of eternal being,
Make yourself available to those who would receive you.
Lord Satan, Force of Death,
Lord Satan, Ultimate Winner in all Contests,
Lord Satan, Final friend I seek,
Have mercy upon we who wait for you.


Hail Satan, full of Power,
Hell is with Thee.
Blessed art thou, and blessed are
thy spawn, the Children of Hell.
Holy Satan, Lord of Darkness,
give us strength,
that we may be led to greatness
in Word and in Deed.

– from Satanic Sermons by Brother Malek


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