Dark Fluffies and The Point of the LHP

Devil's Advocates

Anyone with any experience of paganism, witchcraft, the new age movement or any alternative spiritual path will probably be familiar with the term Fluffy Bunny. For anybody who is not familiar with the term, the emphasis should be on the word fluff; because there is nothing very cute about the people who are defined by this term. In general fluffy bunnies are seen as being dumb and annoying.

Basically a Fluffy is a person who is not very well read in the path they claim to be following despite often making highly exaggerated claims for their own knowledge and experience. They may have read one or two simple books on witchcraft ( or more likely a few short wiki articles) and then think they know everything; or at least enough to lecture other people about it. They tend to come from the love and light end of the non philosophical…

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