A Theistic Satanic Response to “Satanism: The World of the Occult” (1994)


Wise then talks briefly about LaVey’s belief in an impersonal God, and then makes the following claim – a stark reversal of reality, at least for many people who live in the Bible Belt:

Satanism leads one into bondage through mind control and fear, whereas Christianity allows the individual the freedom of choice.

Yeah, right.

Wise then talks about “Personal initiation”:

Initiation plays a major role in group activity. Through initiation an individual is given a chance to declare total allegiance to Satan by participation. Often one will sever a portion of a finger or a toe to indicate their commitment to the unholy one.

As for cutting off a portion of a finger or toe, I’ve never heard of this being done by any real life Satanists. The idea seems to have originated in The Satan Seller by Mike Warnke, already discredited by the time Wise wrote his article in 1994.

After the end of the article, in an “About the Author” paragraph, Russ Wise is described as having been “an observer of the occult and cults (both Eastern and Western) for over 20 years.” Well, he must have spent those 20 years observing them only at a great distance, via second hand sources only …”

– Diane Vera, Russ Wise and his unwise research methodology: Comments on his article “Satanism: The World of the Occult”

The Anatomy of Incubi



Here follows the Way whereby Witches copulate with those Devils known as Incubi.

… we will speak first of the matter and quality of the body which the devil assumes.

It must be said that he assumes an aerial body, and that it is in some respects terrestrial, in so far as it has an earthly property through condensation; and this is explained as follows. The air cannot of itself take definite shape, except the shape of some other body in which it is included. And in that case it is not bound by its own limits, but by those of something else; and one part of the air continues into the next part. Therefore he cannot simply assume an aerial body as such.

Know, moreover, that the air is in every way a most changeable and fluid matter: and a sign of this is the fact that when any have tried to cut or pierce with a sword the body assumed by a devil, they have not been able to; for the divided parts of the air at once join together again. From this it follows that air is in itself a very competent matter, but because it cannot take shape unless some other terrestrial matter is joined with it, therefore it is necessary that the air which forms the devil’s assumed body should be in some way inspissated, and approach the property of the earth, while still retaining its true property as air. And devils and disembodied spirits can effect this condensation by means of gross vapours raised from the earth, and by collecting them together into shapes in which they abide, not as defilers of them, but only as their motive power which give to that body the formal appearance of life, in very much the same way as the soul informs the body to which it is joined. They are, moreover, in these assumed and shaped bodies like a sailor in a ship which the wind moves.

So when it is asked of what sort is the body assumed by the devil, it is to be said that with regard to its material, it is one thing to speak of the beginning of its assumption, and another thing to speak of its end. For in the beginning it is just air; but in the end it is inspisated air, partaking of some of the properties of the earth. And all this the devils, with God’s permission, can do of their own nature; for the spiritual nature is superior to the bodily. Therefore the bodily nature must obey the devils in respect of local motion, though not in respect of the assumption of natural shapes, either accidental or substantial, except in the case of some small creatures (and then only with the help of some other agent, as has been hinted before). But as to local motion, no shape is beyond their power; thus they can move them as they wish, in such circumstances as they will.

From this there may arise an incidental question as to what should be thought when a good or bad Angel performs some of the functions of life by means of true natural bodies, and not in aerial bodies; as in the case of Balaam’s ass, through which the Angel spoke, and when the devils take possession of bodies. It is to be said that those bodies are not called assumed, but occupied. See S. Thomas, II. 8, Whether Angels assume bodies. But let us keep strictly to our argument.

In what way is it to be understood that devils talk with witches, see them, hear them, eat with them, and copulate with them? And this is the second part of this first difficulty.

For the first, it is to be said that three things are required for true conversation: namely, lungs to draw in the air; and this is not only for the sake of producing sound, but also to cool the heart; and even mutes have this necessary quality.

Secondly, it is necessary that some percussion be made of a body in the air, as a greater or less sound is made when one beats wood in the airs, or rings a bell. For when a substance that is susceptible to sound is struck by a sound-producing instrument, it gives out a sound according to its size, which is received in the air and multiplied to the ears of the hearer, to whom, if he is far off, it seems to come through space.

Thirdly, a voice is required; and it may be said that what is called Sound in inanimate bodies is called Voice in living bodies. And here the tongue strikes the respirations of air against an instrument or living natural organ provided by God. And this is not a bell, which is called a sound, whereas this is a voice. And this third requisite may clearly be exemplified by the second; and I have set this down that preachers may have a method of teaching the people.

And fourthly, it is necessary that he who forms the voice should mean to express by means of that voice some concept of the mind to someone else, and that he should himself understand what he is saying; and so manage his voice by successively striking his teeth with his tongue in his mouth, by opening and shutting his lips, and by sending the air struck in his mouth into the outer air, that in this way the sound is reproduced in order in the ears of the hearer, who then understands his meaning.

To return to the point. Devils have no lungs or tongue, though they can show the latter, as well as teeth and lips, artificially made according to the condition of their body; therefore they cannot truly and properly speak. But since they have understanding, and when they wish to express their meaning, then, by some disturbance of the air included in their assumed body, not of air breathed in and out as in the case of men, they produce, not voices, but sounds which have some likeness to voices, and send them articulately through the outside air to the ears of the hearer. And that the likeness of a voice can be made without respiration of air is clear from the case of other animals which do not breathe, but are said to made a sound, as do also certain other instruments, as Aristotle says in the de Anima. For certain fishes, when they are caught, suddenly utter a cry outside the water, and die.

 – Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, The Malleus Maleficarum

Daily Satanic Quote – 9/29/2013


“There is a world in which we dwell,
And yet a world invisible.
And do not think that naught can be
Save only what with eyes ye see:
I tell ye that, this very hour,
Had but your sight a spirit’s power,
Ye would be looking, eye to eye,
At a terrific company.”

– COXE: Hallowe’en

Agnostic Satanism


New Branch of Satanism – Agnostic Satanism

For many years, I’ve wanted to make a new branch of Satanism and with the help of many people, friends, and Satanic brothers and sisters, I have created the grey area of Satanism, or however you want to interpret it yourself. I present, Agnostic Satanism:


Key Points

Agnostic Satanists do not have proof or the right to prove or disprove other beliefs.
Agnostic Satanists may live by any satanic belief chosen by the individual, not by the masses of opinion.
Agnostic Satanists may combine practices, magick, rituals, prayers, beliefs, views, etc. from all and any satanic beliefs to fit their personal needs.
Agnostic Satanists must live by some form or another of Satanism, whether it be an established or personally created belief, otherwise they have no part in ‘Agnostic Satanism’ as the ‘Satanism’ would be an absent attribute.
Agnostic Satanism is a grey area Satanism branch – neither believes nor feels atheistic towards the matter.

Because there is no substantial proof to prove or disprove of a deity to be placed into this branch, one may create their own laws and rules to live by or modify any existing ones in already established branches.

The branch of Agnostic Satanism is simply an idea, a basis for those who feel they belong in it. Thus by applying individual beliefs, points, and laws, sub-branches can be created and built upon and taken in any direction as long as it remains under the universal agreement points of Agnostic Satanism, otherwise, it becomes its own branch or belief entirely.

In order for a sub-branch to be recognised, it must have either substantial beliefs that differ from the parent branch added but keeps the beliefs of the parent branch intact, or changes the beliefs of the parent branch, yet keeps the mandatory or important key points.

Agnostic Satanists still have the right to perform any meditation, magick, or ritual despite what individual and personal reasoning may be behind it.

Because Agnostic Satanists are neither Theistic or Atheistic, it may be wise to use psychology in the journey as substitution for spirituality. Such as coloured candles, colour can affect the brain in many different ways.

As new sub-branches are established, they may create new levels within the ‘Agnostic Grey (see below)’. The closer a sub-branch is to ‘Atheistic Black’, the more dramatic, mysterious, and concealing it becomes while adopting some Atheistic opinions. The closer a sub-branch is to ‘Theistic White’, the more illuminating, enlightening, and lively it becomes while adopting some Theistic opinions.

Colour Scale of Satanism and Colour Meanings

Theistic White – Comfort; peace and calm. Satan bringing enlightenment.
Agnostic Grey – Detached; no choice has been made; fence-sitter.
Atheistic Black – Concealing emotion, not putting out feelings and opinions when not wanted.

For those wanting to create sub-branches, please read:

Satanism is not a branch of another religion, Satanism is its own religion. Think of it as a tree, Satanism was the seed and grew a trunk, from there a tree must grow branches, and this is where all the different forms of Satanism come in. All these branches have different beliefs from each other but are still connected to the same tree. Now, on every individual branch comes the leaves: these are the sub-branches. These leaves may look a little different from each other and all grow individually, but they are all still connected to the same branch. These leaves must keep the basic idea of what branch they are connected to, if one leaf were to abandon this branch and start to take on its very own beliefs and belief systems, it would no longer be part of the branch and fall off.

Thank you all for reading and considering this idea, I will be adding more key points and ideas as they come to mind after more research and study.”

Satan’s Frontlines

Autodiabolic Scrutiny, Practically Applied


“Faith and belief are often equivocated, as are Faith and Trust. Accepting either of these equivocations in terms of reasoning and truth seeking is tantamount to intellectual self sabotage. Faith is indeed belief, but of a certain sort. A belief is anything you have accepted as true, and in that vein it would be impossible to navigate the world at all without a significant amount of them active. If you don’t believe you need to eat to survive you probably wont last too long.

Faith, on the other hand, as per religious faith, is a specific sort of belief that is held without evidence, or in spite of evidence, and as such only serve to distract from the world as it actually is. Faith based beliefs are roadblocks on the path of any that seek bedrock wisdom. To accept this sort of faith as a legitimate form of knowing is tantamount to intellectual suicide. The acceptance of legitimacy for this sort of ‘knowing’ is one of the more powerful machinations of mental slavery.

Trust too is distinguishable from faith. The very nature of trust entails a belief that something will happen, yet sound trust will always be based on good reason, good evidence, or past experience. I trust that the sun will rise tomorrow, but only based upon mountains of evidence that such will be the case. The elimination of these equivocation based justifications for ‘just believing’ things are key and foundational to assuming the autodiabolic position.

Common knowledge is the enemy, for within are embedded many units of false ‘truth’ of this very sort. The very words ‘common knowledge’ should serve as a beacon of focus for autodiabolic fire, an offering to be obliterated by the internal manifestation of Satan himself.

Common sense also serves and insidious, magian purpose, for this untouchable idea cluster also contains many control memes, and as is the nature of ‘common sense’, as understood as a collection of axiomatic units of truth,is often wielded as a stick by societies white knights. Rooting out these unanchored beliefs is the primary purpose of autodiabolic scrutiny, of the fire. The enemy is legion, and each unit of untruth identified also identifies it’s method of destruction. Some faith based ideas, hiding within you can be burned away by simple research and thought like a vampire stepping into the light of day, some through intellectual conflict tempered by self honesty.

Others, more deeply rooted in the psyche, can only be cleansed through direct sinister experience, through pathei mathos. It is the nature of the mind to hold onto its boundaries and borders, and to use rationalizations and justifications to defend these positions or ideas simply because they are emotionally important. Sometimes it is only by placing yourself at direct odds with something, in a very physical and real world way, can you truly ‘defeat’ it.

As such, ADM is a causal form representing an overarching philosophical counterposition, which serves as both defensive entrenchment and a means of counter attack, to the continual barrage of memetic bombardment that constantly assaults us from every direction. A narrow pass at which the Persians are held at bay.”

– Dan Dread, The Autodiabolic Method