Daily Satanic Quote – 9/6/2013


“The Sumerians believed the Dragon of Chaos, Tiamat, to be the mother of the gods. The gods brought order to Chaos, but they were themselves the children of Chaos and subject to its laws and conditions. The devil was not originally a “rebel” against the order of creation but, the beginning and the end, the source of all creation. “The dragon sleeps,” we are told in the texts of old, “but shall awaken.” In the alchemical treatise, the Kybalion, it is said that “the All is Mind” and “the Universe is Mental.” The modern physicist, in accordance with this principle of alchemy that matter and energy are mental phenomena and that “everything vibrates”, has stated that the electrons and protons within the atom are composed of waves with various charges and rates of vibration. The Universe is not, but is BECOMING! God is not, but is BECOMING! When Lucifer has risen, when man has become God, then it shall be known that the Aeon of Lucifer has begun.” – Magus Tsirk Susej, The Demonic Bible


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