The Devil’s Eyes


The Devil’s Eyes

“Silence will fall,
Like the dark over the light.
When the demon shall open it’s eyes
And over our world it will watch …
No place for you to hide!
No place for you to cry!
No place where you can run!
All you see, all you do …
He sees it before you know it too!
A crack in the sky, maybe?
A crack in the wall … NO!
An eye that watches you,
Step by step … hour by hour …
His eyes don’t blink,
His eyes don’t sleep,
He sees the darkness in your soul!
No one is safe from …
The Devil’s Eyes!
A silent night falls upon my town …
Strange … no bark … no sound …
It’s like I can’t hear …
This silence gives me the chills …
A cold shiver goes down my spine
I have a feeling that eyes
Are watching me …
Strange noises come from my closet …
Old myths about monsters I know
Bah! I’m too old for this scary stories!
Can I believe what I saw in the dark?!
Can I believe the horror that I saw?!
Bloody eyes looking right through me!
Devouring my heart, my soul taking away!

You, mortal have sinned!
I’m now your angel!
A veil of death surrounding you …
Chained together with your fellow brothers and sisters!
It is too late to call for help now!
There is no God now to serve
No prayer to be said …
No hope to have …
Just me, an angel of death!
The Eyes of the Beast
Are watching us … every step, every move!
Every breath we take is seen by the Beast
Light has fallen,
The Devil is with us and we can’t lose him.
A constant watchman, with a scythe in his left and our hourglasses in his right …
A straw is now our life
In the hands of a demon watching over us,
Filling us with the fear of death all day.

Sinners we are all …
Same stain, same blip on the radar …
We are our own damnation …
Sin after sin …
The world dies with it …”



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