An Invocation of Grendel’s Desire


“An X-cursion into the land of Liberation.
An invocation of Grendel’s Desire.

For the initiate to incorporate into a preferred format.
The temple is ready, the Self is prepared, the Trance is induced, the Desire stated …
the summons, the closing, then comes the laughter.

Blacker than black, Midnight of Death I summon your bleak Oblivion.
Time again and Illusion seemed drawn up from the heart of Nothing, I call your Bliss.
Take my Pain as an offering to my Self
My hurt is of the Multi-verse, an empty Void in my chest.
Despair god’s of existence, your drama shall reap it’s wretched sickle on you all.
All shall be undone; the pentagram broken; the Pact no more.
An elicitation, an event something more, a mirror image amongst the swine.
My magick is Death, my death is Life, and my life is Ecstasy.
This is my path, this shall be the cycle,
this call to you oh GRENDEL.
Adoptive son of the Dragon, the Word is upon our shoulders.
Tell of Nothing, let us be destroyed by our Desire so god may die.

My soul screams in orgasmic contradictions
Silxofax Mantadragonia Ziflantamaxia Natasz
Azaximanda Callraptuption Sunta Faxim At Rax Zenfixamaphillaheme

GRENDEL, who weeps upon existence, I pray unto myself.
BAPHOMET, fusion of Being and of Nothing, let us tear CHORONZON asunder.
Mighty Set and Lord of Morning let me bear the joy of Liberation.
My Light and my Darkness, this is Nothing, my Self of god, a prophet reborn.
To invoke my being. I become — Xephera Xephera Azazas AZATHOTH —
The Joy of Chaos is my soul. I AM and I AM NOT

The Skull is now a silent object, staring mute at me.
The Eye is two-dimensional again, the mage walks alone and
as poor little GRENDEL has had an accident, so may you all –”

– Frater Elijah, Angels of Chaos


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