Kabbala for Satanists


Kabbala for Satanists, written by Magister Stephen Bleach, attempts to rework the teachings of Kabbala (derived from the Lesser Key of Solomon and the teachings of Aleister Crowley) for use by Satanists.

Interesting to note: The Hebrew God names are not referring to the God of the Israelites … however many Satanists have been rather put off by all things relating to Kabbala (and Ceremonial Magick in general) because of this perceived reliance upon a God that they are in fundamental opposition to … The fact is the Hebrew God names are no more religious than Einstein’s theory of relativity. They are supposed to be descriptive of cosmic and creative forces that are beyond human ability to understand in their fullness, not a reference to a tribal desert god, Jewish or otherwise. When you look at the Glyph of the Tree of Life without any preconceived notions about its origins, one will easily be able to grasp the notion that the creative principle can just as well be called Satan as it can be EHIEH (I am that I am).

As well as reviewing the basic metaphysics of Kabbala (from a Satanic perspective), Bleach includes instructions on how to perform Satanic Kabbala sorcery.


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