Daily Satanic Quote – 9/10/2013


“Evil, correctly defined, is part of the cosmic dialectic – it is force, which is a-moral: i.e. it is beyond the bounds of ‘morals’. Morals derive from a limited (human – or, rather, pseudo-human) perspective, and a morality is a projection by individual consciousness onto reality. Nothing that is ‘moral’ or immoral exists. All morals are therefore artifice – they are abstractions. Actions, by individuals, which are normally considered as ‘evil’ are things that are done by individuals against others – that is, evil acts are considered as belonging to us, as a species. It is not considered ‘evil’ for a tiger to kill and eat a person: that is natural, in the nature of the tiger. What has been and generally is considered to be evil, in humans, is in general nothing more than instinct – or rather, a feeling, a pre-conscious desire or desires.” – Satanism – An Examination of Satanic Black Magic


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