Postmodern Satanism

Postmodern Satanism, written by Jason King, should be a staple of any philosophically-minded Satanist’s bookshelf.

“If, after reading this volume, you object that your hand wasn’t being held often enough, that you weren’t being given the secrets of the temple bound within a simplistic formula – good, you’ve proven this is not the path for you. If you object that it’s a load of bull and you can accomplish superior results on your own – even better. As stated at the outset, and reaffirmed throughout, Satanism is not a religion of the inert past, but an anti-religion of the fluid future. Betterment, progress, attainment – these things are the marks, not only of the Satanist, but the larger world to which he or she belongs. So, if it falls to you to be the one to prove yourself my superior, then I will be the first to champion you as the epitome, the Next – the Satanist.”



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