The Fifteen Statements and Eight Beliefs of Transcendental Satanism


The Fifteen Statements of Transcendental Satanism

1. Never deny lust.
2. Respect and follow desire.
3. Live without regret.
4. Relinquish given morality.
5. Use fear as a guide to pursued action.
6. Strive for continued advancement of mind and body.
7. Die rather than fail or submit.
8. Reject illusions created by words.
9. Live life through action.
10. Develop conscious discipline.
11. Take full responsibility for personal actions.
12. Always be aware of the signs of the Satanic Aspect.
13. Seek all forms of power.
14. Renounce rigid existence when existence becomes an unconscious act.
15. Complete all that is begun.

The Eight Beliefs of Transcendental Satanism

1. Belief in the power of will and its ability to shape things within the subjective and objective realm according to personal predilections
2. Belief in the gratification of all desire, which can only lead to greater consciousness
3. Belief in the figurative or literal death of all who oppose personal will and action
4. Belief in the spiritual evolution of the self
5. Belief in the Absent Dimension, from which all new dimensions are given birth
6. Belief in the Defined Form, which has the ability to exist beyond death
7. Belief in the Six Gateways of Advancement and The Self-Created Gateway
8. Belief in the Satanic Aspect

– Matt “The Lord” Zane, Transcendental Satanism: Doctrines of the Infernal Process


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