The Armour of Satan


“From our shoulders, dressed in the heavy armours of responsibility for victorious hostilities, an elegant cloak of diplomacy does fall and it’s fasten at our throats with the fibula of the bloody covenant.

Beneath the steel of our armours our hearts breathe with flame of hatred and they look like tar in frame of clotted wrath.

Crimson marks of us do proclaim that we came into this world well armed.

Our perfect blades were born into the Darkness from the best forges of Hell. And they split and cut the light and the dirty faced angels irreproachably.

We are moved by the relentless hunger of our insatiable souls, pulsing in unison with the Darkness, and by the smothering thirst of evil deeds. And absolute love for Evil does crown our untameable passion.

With all our demonic essence we feel as burning breath behind us is blazing with a tremendous heat and it is singe us by fury.

We see – all the forces of the Underworld have gathered behind us for the decisive attack, and they only wait for our first successes. Highest Demons, by whom we have been taught the tactics and strategies of Hell – they look upon every step of their disciples.

And from the highness of his throne the Devil directs our thrusts to the target and makes them irresistible and merciless.

Possessing myriad of acute ways for the will of Satan to be done, we, if it necessary, will use them all for His victory.

We have seen the dawn of the world and have led civilizations to their doom. We were sinking even stars in blood and turning the Milky Way into the Gory Way.

The elements, ruled by our will, have come to war against each other when we were descending into the deeps of the earth following the signs of Nigrior and were tearing its deep strata for to pleasure of its igneous heart.

We have been rising to the top of the world, resting against the stars, where the ruin was breeding her spawn and we have ravaged her nests and nailed her children to the roods.

We have mocked at the sufferings and writhing of the sons of god, and our laughter has been bearing the storms and sinking the continents.

The legends have remained only due to our generosity alone.

We have engaged against the angels on the battlefields and their white feathers were covering the arktes like a snow.

We have breathed a fire into the human souls, but their weak passions have extinguished it to the last spark.

We were admired while watching the rebellious sons of the earth becoming the sons of Satan and we ranked them to Infernus.

But the rotting carrion of the crucified one gave life to worms, breeding the spawn, and this extended stench has poisoned the Universe.

Possessing time eternal we were overfilling with wrath and circulating among the Shadows we were losing our patience.

And it has summoned us to the war from the igneous deeps of Gehenna.

Sword the punishing, which pierced the sky, is vibrating again. A curtain of Darkness has fallen upon the lands of Sunset …

Our time has come.

And now, however as always, our hands will not be idle.” – Maledictum Liber Primus


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