Daily Satanic Quote – 9/15/2013


“DEITUS is the achievement of the power of a God. To become a God, man must realize that he is a God. It has been commonly believed that God created the universe. It is actually the universe which is creating God. Satan is a metaphor for man.

Having attained DEITUS, man becomes the very embodiment of SATAN. The dragon (a second consciousness which contains the knowledge of his ultimate purpose) awakens. As man becomes the embodiment of SATAN and rises to become a God, Lucifer arises, for the rise of Lucifer is a metaphor of man’s ultimate purpose and direction. In DEITUS, you see not only the limits of the current aeon, but become aware of future aeons which shall come into being as the universe evolves to ever greater levels of consciousness and man rises to his manifest destiny.” – Magus Tsirk Susej, The Demonic Bible


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