The Four Consorts of Samael


“According to Zohar Kabbalah text there are four women who mated with the archangel Samael: Lilith, Agrat bat Mahlat, Eisheth Zenunim, and Naamah. Three were said to have already been fallen angels while one was a mortal women who fled the Garden of Eden as a demon due to whispering a secret name. They became the Queens of Hell, and all four have begot with Samael. All but Lilith bore children; Lilith instead spawned offspring called Lilim or Lithu ‘children of night terrors’, the others offspring were called ‘the oracles of divinity and sacred prostitution’. It also states in the Kabbalah that these sacred angels were sent to lustful men in their sleep and removed some of their lust, or sent them on a journey to the oracles in order for their sin to be removed from their souls so they won’t become possessed. In Christian and Judaic beliefs the four angels were demonized by priests, thus the succubus was born.

Lilith is the most well known succubi there is. Her story is filled with so many “chapters” that the real question is where do you begin? For starters the Kabbalah states that Lilith was the first wife of Adam, but because she was made from the same materials as Adam (dust) she was not submissive to him during sex. Lilith wanted to be on top, but Adam felt because he was a male that it was his God given right to be on top. Furious, Lilith spoke the secret name YHWH (Yahweh?), turned into a demon and fled the Garden of Eden. But because Lilith fled without eating from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil she remained immortal. After she fled she took refuge in a cave by The Red Sea. Even though she left, she still visited Adam in his sleep; mounted him and stole his sperm to make her children. Adam became lonely and pleaded God for Lilith to come back, so God sent three angels Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof to convince her to return. They found her and told her if she doesn’t return 100 of her children will die every day. Lilith said she’ll never return, but she will spare the children who bore the mark of one of the three angels who visited her.
God then watched Adam and decided man shouldn’t be alone and made him a partner from his rib, making her submissive. Her name was Eve. After this stories branch off into different interpretations, some say Lilith begot with Samael to turn her into a succubus and becoming his wife, while others say she was the serpent who tricked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree so that their offspring would die.
From a Theistic Satanist her name translates to ‘She of the Night’, and she is viewed as a duel goddess. Lilith the Maiden and Lilith the Older; in translation: Lilith the Younger and Lilith the Elder. Lilith the Younger is the wife of the Demon Asmodeus and can turn dark energy into useful energy, and can be used in a time you feel cursed. Lilith Younger is shown as a hermaphrodite – female from head to waist, male from waist down, and is shown riding a chariot driven by a winged horse, and winged lion, which makes her Southeast. In turn means she’s the triple elements earth, fire, and air. Lilith the Elder is the mother goddess, but no depictions of her are given. It would be my assumption her chariot will still be present but her body will be completely female.

Agrat bat Mahlat
In Hebrew both Agrat and Mahlat are proper names, bat means ‘daughter of’; together the name means Agrat daughter of Mahlat. But Mahlat has a translation of ‘illusion, bringer of deception, or reward for deception’; that said the name means Agrat daughter of Illusion.
The Zohar Kabbalah references Agrat bat Mahlat as one of the four sacred angels, who also begot Samael. Rabbinic literature of Yalḳuṭ Ḥadash, on the eve of Wednesday and the Sabbath, she is “the dancing roof-demon” who dances while Lilith sings. And she flies through air in her chariot pulled by an ox, and her eighteen myriads of messengers of destruction follow behind. She is also “the mistress of the sorceresses” who communicated magic secrets to Amemar, a Jewish sage. The Kabbalah and the school of Rashba state, Agrat bat Mahlat mated with King David and bore a cambion son Asmodeus, the King of Demons.
From a Theistic Satanist view she is aligned with the west which makes her element water, but the Kabbalah aligns her with Northeast which indicates she’s aligned with earth, and her chariot makes her like mother earth. Agrat bat Mahlat is depicted like the Gorgon, Medusa because she has snakes as her hair and is the Witch Queen.

Eisheth Zenunim
There’s not much about Eisheth Zenunim in the Kabbalah, but what we do know is she was one of the Sacred Angels of Prostitution along with Lilith, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Naamah, and she too begot with Samael.
From a Theistic Satanist view she is the crone succubus and believed to be the first wife of Samael and the first succubi. But all succubi have the element Earth but also share characteristics of other elements. Eisheth is earth, fire, and water. She’s fire because both her warrior and boldness aspect about the importance of sexuality and women’s rights (like Lilith), and water because of her role as a wise Crone. Like Samael she’s closely related to the sun, which is strange because most Crone goddesses are linked to the moon. But because Eisheth is shown as a Crone but also motherly it’s important she’s aligned as a solar goddess because she’s ‘the destroyer and bringer of life’. Eisheth manifests as a thin, graceful Crone and is shown wearing golden robes, and a crown with 6 horns. Eisheth is also justice based, she goes by “an eye for an eye” – although she’s not aggressive, but she will seek vengeance when deemed necessary.

Once again there’s not much to say about Naamah from the Kabbalah. But it states she’s one of the Sacred Angels of Prostitution along with Lilith, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Eisheth Zenunim, she also begot with Samael.
From a Theistic Satanist’s view, Naamah translates to ‘pleasant’ or ‘pleasing’, and she is said to be the goddess of divination. No one is sure on her first appearance in mythology, nor is it clear on how she became a Demoness of Sacred Prostitution. The Zohar Kabbalah depicts Naamah as a fallen angel, and also begot with Samael. She was also said to have joined Lilith in visiting Adam as a succubi, bearing his children as well. In my assumption this makes Naamah her Demoness sister. Naamah is aligned with Northwest making her earthly. She is shown as a women crouching, with an animal body crawling on the ground eating the earth. This sounds strange but Demonoloters agree with the depiction because she is strictly the element earth. Naamah is also an afterlife gatekeeper and guide, meeting and guiding departed souls as they pass from their incarnate existence into the discarnate realm of Spirit. She shows love and reassurance as she escorts each soul through the gate and beyond the Shadow of Death to the Otherworlds. She can serve as a spiritual gatekeeper as well, acting as a bridge between the realms and communicating messages to the individual from the Otherworlds and the afterlife. She is also a Matron goddess of the creatures within the natural world, bringing healing and renewed life to all plants and animals who are suffering. She is said to reside within a lush and fertile nocturnal garden filled with strange yet beautiful flora.”

– Kaitlyn Parks, The Succubus and Sacred Angels of Prostitution


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