Daily Satanic Quote – 9/24/2013


“If the left-hand path is dangerous – a point both its detractors and its advocates have agreed upon – one of its primary hazards is the peril of freedom in a world almost instinctively committed to crushing liberty in whatever form it might appear. All autocracies have held sway by severely curbing the full development of sexual power in their subjects. The left-hand path, a method of consciously activating levels of erotic energy almost unknown in conventional sexual relations, must be viewed as a threat to any hierarchy that seeks to bridle the development of man into god. The sexual gnosis of the left-hand path has the potential to forge heroic, self-determined individuals from the bleating meat of the human herd.” – Zeena and Nikolas Schreck, Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magick


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