De Vermis Misteriis


“In The Name Of Him, Who Dwells In The Gloom, Standing behind/before the Line
In The Name Of Him, Who makes the foundation of the worlds cracked,
for they can not survive His Might and all smashing Power.
O, You, Who are waked up with the boiling blood of the maids,
Hear my calling, come to the sinful earth, rejoiced in the screams of sacrifices.

From the Seven Pits/Wells of Emptiness, From the Nine Lands of Oblivion,
Come forth, Lord!
Yain! I worship You!
Yain! I serve You!
Yain! I praise You!

Shall the sun grow dim! Shall it fall to pieces! Shall the Horror of times before come back to us! Egh’yaggihn!

Nghe! Adamant Yath Yattharlrl!
Nghe! Insatiable Eggalahamosh!
Nghe! Unseen Ashtanga Yadu!
Yain, the Lords of Alyach! Egh’yaggihn!

That is the way of prey to the Worms, They are the Lords of the Black Path and Knowledge From Beyond, coming in Twilight to be sated.

On the earth that is full of the despicable life, the one who worship the Alyach will achieve the Power, when accomplishing the misteriis of this Book and spilling the blood of women and children, sacrificing their entrails to the Deities, which were before the Beginning of all, for They does not accept the insipid food.

To awake Them, he has to follow the rules of Kerosh told in the first lines of the Black tablet; He must be merciless, addicted to perversion and as desired of might, as it possible and do not stop before anything to achieve it.

And even though many things are changed, terrible rites of Alyah will be never changed, and the Sorcerers follow this way form the beginning of times, awaiting their hour that is the Hour of Fission and Split.

Everyone, who are ready to open his eyes in the gloom, will discover these secretes and the rites of worship to the Masters, who consists nothing human in Themselves.Everyone, who looks by the eyes of the dead, will see and understand, for this is the words of the Masters:

Listen and obey, you, born from the mothers wombs. Stretch down before your Master, who is faceless and looks like a mist, otherwise you are the stinking carrion.
Listen and obey, you, born from the mothers wombs. Revere the creatures of the angles and crossroads, let the warm blood of you children feed them, and let their progeny will be fed on it and grown for the sake or release of Those Who Sleep in the pitch pits.
Listen and obey, you, born from the mothers wombs. Bow your heads before those, who speak the languages of the Dark world, for the world of the light is cursed and enslaved by them forever.

So give your praise and tribute to Him, to the Lord, Who Dwells Among The Graves and Comes Inside The Walls and bow before His Reflections: before Those, Who are Formless Yog-Sototh, Terrible Tsatthoggua and Merciless Azagthoth.

Build the altars on the places where the skin of the earth grows thinner, on the edges of the swamp and on the tops of the rocks, and put on them your gifts. And the prophecy will come true, and the Residents of Stars will answer you.

You have to know that there is the form and measure in the worlds before the line, but there are no both of them in that is beyond the line, for those who dwell there are their forms and measures in them. The name of this line is Zenrit Maynjosh, the Lord of the Borders, and a line has characteristics of two kinds. Beware the monsters of the Border.

They have no rules and there is no symbol, no seal and no word to stop them. But higher creatures cross the Border and rejoice accordingly to the law.

Worship to Lower Gods desecrates a man, who is a filth enough. The worshiper of Alyach or Demons will be blessed and successful.

And the clay/earthen vessel that is a human soul will fall to pieces, and will be nothing after it, just abomination and impurity, and it will be revived in dirt, till it will die again.

The path of Alyach leads to the Rupture/Gap and immortality. The one who comes this way will be united with the Masters, for They tell about it.

Stay, captured by Horror, before the stones of the border. And let the eyes of someone who breaks the rules and dares to enter will burst and his entrails will fall down.
Stay, captured by Horror, beholding five rings around the sun, when the Moon looks like a melting flesh.
Stay, captured by Horror, but not recoil from the death of your soul, for it is rebirth, and rebirth is eternal.”

De Vermis Misteriis


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