Six Tips for Becoming a Chaos Magician


“So much for theory. How is this alchemy accomplished? The key word is integration – dissolving the mind-body, spirit-matter fragmentation. Enter into a ‘being-in-the-now’ dance, immersed in the body of Gaia, within the universe. Will on any level is the organising principle – kundalini-shakti coiled creates all forms.


1. Invoke Often, feeling all magical acts as a passage of Will through you.

2. Attend to the continual reconstruction of your psychocosm through the examination of beliefs, desires and attitudes.

3. Seek union with all that you have rejected.

4. Practice magick as though your very survival depended on it!

5. Forget everything you have been told about the world, assume nothing and develop your own path.

6. Eat more donuts!” – the Lincoln Order of Neuromancers, Apikorsus: An Essay on the Diverse Practices of Chaos Magick


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