A Protection Spell From Evil Sorcery


… thou mayest call upon ISHTAR to protect thee from the spells of sorcery. And for this, the MANDAL must be prepared as always, and a figure of ISHTAR be upon the altar, and incantations made to summon Her assistance, like the following incantation that is ancient, from the Priests of UR:

Thou hast taken the road
Thou hast come after me
Thou hast sought me continually for my destruction
Thou hast continually plotted an evil thing against me
Thou hast encompassed me
Thou hast sought me out
Thou hast gone forth and followed my steps
But I, by the command of the Queen ISHTAR
Am clothed in terror
Am armed in fiercesomeness
Am arrayed with might and the Sword
I make thee tremble
I make thee run afraid
I drive thee out
I spy thee out
I cause thy name to be known among men
I cause they house to be seen amoung men
I cause thy spells to be heard amoung men
I cause thy evil perfumes to be smelt amoung men
I unclothe thy wickedness and evil
And bring your sorceries to naught!
It is not I, but NANAKANISURRA
Mistress of Witches
And the Queen of heaven ISHTAR
Who command thee!

The Testimony of Abdul-Al Hazred


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