Magik and Power


“The major LURE of Magik is the promise of POWER; and the escape from subordination, ineffectuality, a lack of complete CONTROL. Self-aggrandizement stems from basic personal insecurity. Magik allows one to become Cause, to create Change in the world. Both Wite and Blak Magik focus on results as the fundamental justification for their use. The former serves to satisfy the desires of caster and others while the latter simply satisfies the desires of the caster, often to the detriment of and despite the wishes of others.

WITE MAGIK is the manifestation of Order through the mage. Healing and the coordination of group energies are the primary activities of the Wite mage. SHe seeks to promote harmony through structure, an Order-based method, by pushing the forces of Kaos away from all. The problem with Wite Magik is that it seeks the imbalance of Order OVER Kaos, a situation understood by the Elders as one of great oppression and misery.

The direct manifestation of Kaos through the mage is BLAK MAGIK. As has been mentioned, like the Wite, the Blak magician seeks to promote harmony through structure.

Yet the Blak magician wants to use structure as an instrument to manifest Kaos and possibly dominate other beings. The activities of the Blak magician focus on the direct manifestation of Kaotic energies, up to and including the Kreechers of Kathulu themselves. The Blak magician does not realize the impossibility of maintaining structure as a method of control when Order is overcome by Kaos. Structure simply dissolves along with the harmony which the mage seeks. The problem, then, with Blak Magik, is that it seeks the imbalance of Kaos OVER Order, a situation the Elders understood as one of great powerlessness and misery.”

— Kathulu Majik


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