Agnostic Satanism


New Branch of Satanism – Agnostic Satanism

For many years, I’ve wanted to make a new branch of Satanism and with the help of many people, friends, and Satanic brothers and sisters, I have created the grey area of Satanism, or however you want to interpret it yourself. I present, Agnostic Satanism:


Key Points

Agnostic Satanists do not have proof or the right to prove or disprove other beliefs.
Agnostic Satanists may live by any satanic belief chosen by the individual, not by the masses of opinion.
Agnostic Satanists may combine practices, magick, rituals, prayers, beliefs, views, etc. from all and any satanic beliefs to fit their personal needs.
Agnostic Satanists must live by some form or another of Satanism, whether it be an established or personally created belief, otherwise they have no part in ‘Agnostic Satanism’ as the ‘Satanism’ would be an absent attribute.
Agnostic Satanism is a grey area Satanism branch – neither believes nor feels atheistic towards the matter.

Because there is no substantial proof to prove or disprove of a deity to be placed into this branch, one may create their own laws and rules to live by or modify any existing ones in already established branches.

The branch of Agnostic Satanism is simply an idea, a basis for those who feel they belong in it. Thus by applying individual beliefs, points, and laws, sub-branches can be created and built upon and taken in any direction as long as it remains under the universal agreement points of Agnostic Satanism, otherwise, it becomes its own branch or belief entirely.

In order for a sub-branch to be recognised, it must have either substantial beliefs that differ from the parent branch added but keeps the beliefs of the parent branch intact, or changes the beliefs of the parent branch, yet keeps the mandatory or important key points.

Agnostic Satanists still have the right to perform any meditation, magick, or ritual despite what individual and personal reasoning may be behind it.

Because Agnostic Satanists are neither Theistic or Atheistic, it may be wise to use psychology in the journey as substitution for spirituality. Such as coloured candles, colour can affect the brain in many different ways.

As new sub-branches are established, they may create new levels within the ‘Agnostic Grey (see below)’. The closer a sub-branch is to ‘Atheistic Black’, the more dramatic, mysterious, and concealing it becomes while adopting some Atheistic opinions. The closer a sub-branch is to ‘Theistic White’, the more illuminating, enlightening, and lively it becomes while adopting some Theistic opinions.

Colour Scale of Satanism and Colour Meanings

Theistic White – Comfort; peace and calm. Satan bringing enlightenment.
Agnostic Grey – Detached; no choice has been made; fence-sitter.
Atheistic Black – Concealing emotion, not putting out feelings and opinions when not wanted.

For those wanting to create sub-branches, please read:

Satanism is not a branch of another religion, Satanism is its own religion. Think of it as a tree, Satanism was the seed and grew a trunk, from there a tree must grow branches, and this is where all the different forms of Satanism come in. All these branches have different beliefs from each other but are still connected to the same tree. Now, on every individual branch comes the leaves: these are the sub-branches. These leaves may look a little different from each other and all grow individually, but they are all still connected to the same branch. These leaves must keep the basic idea of what branch they are connected to, if one leaf were to abandon this branch and start to take on its very own beliefs and belief systems, it would no longer be part of the branch and fall off.

Thank you all for reading and considering this idea, I will be adding more key points and ideas as they come to mind after more research and study.”

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