Masters of Existence


“People create gods in their own image according to their own desires and needs. Gods tend to agree precisely with the beliefs of their believers, care about the same things as those who believe in them, even to speak to them personally, to be a friend to the lonely. They fulfill the needs of some people so neatly because it is those people who themselves create the personalities and wishes of the God they profess. It is Human imagination at work, tied in with the ego, and with the subconscious. Gods are our creations. Within organized religion, people’s opinion on their “god” is always individual and subjective even though they as a group call their God by the same name. Depending on a person’s will and need they search out gods that closely match what they themselves want.

Satanism abhors these gods in their multitudes. Satan is the anti-god… destroying all these invented external sources of power. In the name of Satan, there is only one true power that exists above Gods: Human minds. For it is only Human Beings that have made gods, and it is in our image that they are made. We create gods: We give them Human emotions, human desires, and even give them hands, faces, bodies, clothes and weapons. Why is all this so? We are dishonest. We create gods in this manner because we dare not admit the truth: We Are Gods.

Religion and worship must be honest. If you are going to put your heart, desires and motivations behind an object of devotion, there is no point lying to yourself about the nature of your psychological projections. The source of this objectification of your ideas about reality is your own mind. The abstract nature of god, however convoluted, is your own creation. That’s why all the gods of history have had human emotions, cared for humans in particular, put the Earth at the center of their schemes, cared about what us human wear, think, do and feel. Gods have even looked like us. Let us discard such wishful thinking and admit that we’re making it all up. In Satanism, we do not worship others or ideas. We worship ourselves, as we are the source of all the great things we adore. Self-worship is the most honest form of religiosity.”

– Vexen Crabtree, Masters of Existence: Subjectivism and Self-Worship in Satan


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