Satanic Liberation


“It is the individuals’ choice to live their lives in mental bondage or with the freedom to think. The ability to make decisions based upon your own set of personal values is so very hard for the masses to understand. It is far easier to follow the moral molasses of mass thought then to step away from it and follow your own path and think for yourself.

Many people claim to be born Satanist yet few actually realize what that means. It means always knowing whom you are, where you come from, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to survive another day. It is the innate force of Will inside you that powers you to strive and achieve more and be the best that you can be physically, mentally and emotionally.

When people claim to have liberated themselves from the mass delusions of the common mans’ thoughts and morals you have to look at it in many ways. Is it for them an escape route that allows them their personal vices? Is it a way to strike back at authority figures with no real substance behind what they think Satanism means? Or is it a realization and recognition of their own personal values and beliefs that were always there.

Satanism is not just all about being able to do whatever you want. It’s about taking advantage of everything that comes your way and running with it. It’s about making your own life easier and living by your own personal choices, values and ideals. It’s about being able to do all that you want and recognize the personal responsibility that comes along with your actions.

Suffering, whining, and complaining are useless weaknesses. You have the ability to change things if you truly desire to. Your inner force of Will should be strong enough to do this. If you are unhappy with something, change it. If you like suffering and complaining go to confession at your nearby Xitian church. I am sure they can certainly listen to your problem and direct you to your knees.

As an individual, you can have the desire and means to do anything. As a Satanist it is the internal Force of Will to succeed that counts most. It is this strong internal personal Force of Will that Will Liberate those that have it from the mass conformity of everyone belonging to the herd. The hardest thing is deciding where you belong. All Satanists walk a long, lonely path, apart from the herd. Can you or are you truly ready to walk the Dark Path, or are you too comfortable in your blissful ignorance?”

– Morgan Towers, Just Shut The Fuck Up And Do Something

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