A Luciferian Devotional


“There is a path which reveals the manes of the dead,
There is a path from which the wise seek the light,
And from the darkness nourish their shades in the dream.
This path is born of the Goddess of the Caves, from which the serpents slither
This path is born of the Blacksmith who forges the illuminated light of Azazel
And speaks through the blood of his kin,
This is forever a path of fence walking, from which one shall be revealed the great mysteries, spoken in the wind.
This is forever a path from which Lilith emerges in the fire of the Sabbat,
And Lucifer emerges as the Sun.
Through the art of Sorcery shall the winding path be shown,
Through the art of Magick shall we all be elevated towards the light.”

– Michael Ford, Luciferian Witchcraft – The Mystery Revealed


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