Satanism: Why Not?


“Okay, so, here’s my thing. I understand that there are obvious stigma attached to this, but hear me out, will ya? I get how America is primarily populated by ‘christians’ and all, but why not Satanists? No, not what the vast majority of America believes to be Satanists, or, for sake of brevity as it will reoccur, ‘satanists,’ with the whole blood sacrifices, creepy aura of evil, and general hatred of all things good that gets pegged onto the religion by, pretty much everyone who hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about(i.e. next to everyone); I mean actual Satanists. A common misconception of Satanism is mentioned above, whereas, regardless of branch, be it LaVeyan, Atheistic, Spiritual, you have one common goal approached through different methods: become stronger.

Yes! The point of being a Satanist is to strengthen yourself. It’s truly that base simple. Become independent, strengthen and hone your mind and your body, become stronger, smarter, more capable, expand every horizon of your being. It is about becoming as capable as you can, taking responsibility for your actions, and accepting your faults as what they are so that you may work to improve yourself better, not lean on someone else that may not be there when push comes to shove.

I’m not saying Satanism is perfect, or even that it’s for just anyone. It’s not. Just like Christianity is for just anyone. A religion is a religion, a system of beliefs categorized under a common name and shared with all those who believe equally. It can be one in which others seek shelter and look for help(i.e. Christianity, where the Lord is your shepherd and your rock) or it can be one in which people create a grindstone to sharpen themselves, to shed the excess and pull themselves towards perfection with the intent, not of achieving it, but of getting as close as humanly possible(i.e. Satanism).

“Oh, so, you’re just pushing Satanism, huh?”

No, no I am not. I’m not pushing anything. I’m stating the case. Satanism is only for those who can handle the task of examining yourself consistently, searching for any fault you have, any thing you need to improve, and recognizing it. Not just recognize it, but accept it calmly and get to work fixing it, learn, learn how to improve where you need to, work at it, don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goal. It’s simple, but it’s not for the weak of heart or for the person who is okay with complacency.

I’m not a Satanist. Not because I don’t believe in the values it holds, but because I’m not up to the task, and I wouldn’t want to tarnish the name. To take up a religion is to bear its semblance and its soul. To claim yourself Christian is to bear the name of a follower of Christ, a new age disciple. To claim to be a Buddhist is to take on the name of one who follows the teachings of Buddha, to become an ambassador of his teachings. To claim a Satanist is to bear the name of the religion, and to bear the image as a pillar. To not uphold the name you carry is to disrespect and to tarnish the name itself. For a Christian to defy the true teachings of Christ is to tarnish the Christian name. The same for any religion, any.”

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