Daily Satanic Quote – 11/29/2013


“Satan found pleasure in praise and in the exercise of his grace; he loved to hear his wisdom and his power belauded. He listened with joy to the canticles of the cherubim who celebrated his good deeds, and he took no pleasure in listening to Nectaire’s flute, because it celebrated nature’s self, yielded to the insect and to the blade of grass their share of power and love, and counselled happiness and freedom. Satan, whose flesh had crept, in days gone by, at the idea that suffering prevailed in the world, now felt himself inaccessible to pity. He regarded suffering and death as the happy results of omnipotence and sovereign kindness. And the savour of the blood of victims rose upward towards him like sweet incense. He fell to condemning intelligence and to hating curiosity. He himself refused to learn anything more, for fear that in acquiring fresh knowledge he might let it be seen that he had not known everything at the very outset. He took pleasure in mystery, and believing that he would seem less great by being understood, he affected to be unintelligible. Dense fumes of Theology filled his brain. One day, following the example of his predecessor, he conceived the notion of proclaiming himself one god in three persons. Seeing Arcade smile as this proclamation was made, he drove him from his presence. Istar and Zita had long since returned to earth. Thus centuries passed like seconds. Now, one day, from the altitude of his throne, he plunged his gaze into the depths of the pit and saw Ialdabaoth in the Gehenna where he himself had long lain enchained. Amid the ever lasting gloom Ialdabaoth still retained his lofty mien. Blackened and shattered, terrible and sublime, he glanced upwards at the palace of the King of Heaven with a look of proud disdain, then turned away his head. And the new god, as he looked upon his foe, beheld the light of intelligence and love pass across his sorrow-stricken countenance. And lo! Ialdabaoth was now contemplating the Earth and, seeing it sunk in wickedness and suffering, he began to foster thoughts of kindliness in his heart. On a sudden he rose up, and beating the ether with his mighty arms, as though with oars, he hastened thither to instruct and to console mankind. Already his vast shadow shed upon the unhappy planet a shade soft as a night of love.

And Satan awoke bathed in an icy sweat.

Nectaire, Istar, Arcade, and Zita were standing round him. The finches were singing.

“Comrades,” said the great archangel, “no — we will not conquer the heavens. Enough to have the power. War engenders war, and victory defeat.

“God, conquered, will become Satan; Satan, conquering, will become God. May the fates spare me this terrible lot; I love the Hell which formed my genius. I love the Earth where I have done some good, if it be possible to do any good in this fearful world where beings live but by rapine.

Now, thanks to us, the god of old is dispossessed of his terrestrial empire, and every thinking being on this globe disdains him or knows him not. But what matter that men should be no longer submissive to Ialdabaoth if the spirit of Ialdabaoth is still in them; if they, like him, are jealous, violent, quarrelsome, and greedy, and the foes of the arts and of beauty? What matter that they have rejected the ferocious Demiurge, if they do not hearken to the friendly demons who teach all truths; to Dionysus, Apollo, and the Muses? As to ourselves, celestial spirits, sublime demons, we have destroyed Ialdabaoth, our Tyrant, if in ourselves we have destroyed Ignorance and Fear.”

And Satan, turning to the gardener, said:

“Nectaire, you fought with me before the birth of the world. We were conquered because we failed to understand that Victory is a Spirit, and that it is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack and destroy Ialdabaoth.””

La Revolte des Anges by Anatole France, as translated by Mrs. Wilfrid Jackson (1914)

Demon Stones


“This is a personal method of divination that I have developed. Demon stones are a set of sixteen stones that you make yourself. The system is based on the Dukanté hierarchy, but I am sure you could make the same device with a different hierarchy, such as the Goetic. For this form of divination, you go out and find sixteen plain rocks that you like. I suggest doing this by a creek and find the ones that are smoothed out with water. If you live in the desert, just go to a place where you can find rocks. If you cannot find plain rocks for some reason, find some small chunks of quartz and draw the sigils instead.

Upon these stones, you draw the sigils of the sixteen different Demons I have listed. Get a nice velveteen bag that will fit the stones, for storage and to draw them out.

The Process:

1. Gathering the stones.
2. Purifying them with the elements (earth, air, fire, water).
3. Anoint each and every one of the stones with an appropriate oleum … if you really need to use the stones quickly, I suggest anointing them with olive oil.
4. Now you paint the actual sigils upon the stones/crystals, infusing your energy into them, making them ALIVE.
5. Ask a divination Demon such as Delepitore or Vassago to bless your stones.
6. Now you are ready to use the stones! The more you utilize them, the better they work!

The Demons and Their Meanings:
(Note: I only include the Dukante hierarchy because listing the meanings of 72 different stones would be very time consuming. …)

– Represents stability in all forms; also represents the physical, tactile world.

– Represents the mind, mental thought processes, enlightenment.

– Represents sudden change, hastiness; lust for the ego.

– Represents the flow of life, dealing with emotions, the passing of fear, judgment, detecting lies, faith.

– Represents ALL wisdom, the universe, completion of something.

– Represents the positive polarity of life, healing, protection, medicine, and sometimes impatience.

– Represents the negative polarity of life, destroyer, disaster, negative feelings, holding in emotions, release of fear.

– Represents growth, life, positive change. Motherhood. Family.

– Represents death, not necessarily in the physical form, but the death of attached emotions, fears, anger; represents change in any form.

– Represents material gain, jobs, money, hoarding, greed.

– Represents unconditional love, long- term relationships, marriage.

– Represents wisdom, divination, sorcery, magic. She represents the path we tread, the terra we walk on, the right way to go.

– Represents femininity, love, relationships (especially beginning new ones).

– The Priestess of friendship, represents platonic relationships, positive family life.

– Represents lust, physical aspects of life, sometimes obsessive lust.

– Represents education, book smarts, college, poetry, learning.

– Represents battle, upheaval.

– Represents hatred in all of its forms, also wisdom through negativity. Divining & Speaking With Daemons

– Knowledge, secrets, sorcery,change.

Methods of Demon Stone Divination

Four Stone
Ask a question, shake the bag, and stick your hand in the bag and pull out four stones. These you will read, and will determine the answer to your question.

Six Stone
Ask your question. Shake the bag and draw out six stones. The first two represent the past, the second two represent the present, and the third two represent the future. This is fairly simple.

If you think you need more stones to answer the question, by all means, draw as many more stones as you desire. There is always more room for different ways to read these stones. Make one up if you wish.”

– J. Thorp, Divining & Speaking With Daemons


Satanism, Tantrism and the Left-Hand Path


“‘Left-Hand Path’ in the East

Tantrism can be found in both Hindu and Buddhist varieties. Hindu Tantric practice is generally divided amoung two paths; The Vamamarga (or vamacara or vamachara) or ‘Left Hand Path’ or red tantra and the Dakshinachara or ‘Right Hand Path’ or white tantra. The most obvious but not the only distinction between these two is that LHP Tantra involves actual sexual practice as part of its rituals while RHP tantra uses non-sexual yoga practices instead. It is interesting to note that in common usage in India today, the term ‘Tantra’ has come to mean ‘black magic’ while in the West that term has  come to refer mostly to hippie-like ‘sacred sex’ yoga classes. Experts say both interpretations tend to cloud the full picture of what Tantra is fully about.

… There is little question that Tantra (both Buddhist and Hindu) arose in part as an anti-nomian revolt against restrictive mainstream Vedic, Buddhist and even Muslim morality. So those who would say it has nothing to do with taboo-breaking are quite obviously wrong. …

Left-Hand Path in the West

Prior to LaVey, no one that I know of ever applied the term ‘Left-Hand Path’ to themself or to anyone else in a positive way in the West. As far as I can tell, the term first appears as a perjorative in Western literature in Helena Blavatsky’s ‘The Secret Doctrines’ of 1888 in which she uses it as a blanket term for bad-guy, selfish, materialistic, evil black magicians.

Blavatsky postulated that from the days of Atlantis there have been evil adepts of the Left-Hand Path who used their Black Magic for self-serving, materialistic and destructive purposes as contrasted with their opponents, the adepts of the Right-Hand Path who only pursue altruistic magic for the betterment of others. She obviously picked up (and partly misunderstood) the term ‘Left-Hand Path’ during her long study in India because the term does not appear in her earlier work, ‘Isis Unveiled’ at all. In subsequent writings, Blavatsky’s disciples have specifically made this moralistic judgmental error in understanding the basics of Vamacara or Left-Hand Path segment of Tantrism. …

It is pretty safe to assume that LaVey read Blavatsky and rejected almost all of her philosophy even to the point of recognizing himself and his outlook as the villain of her cosmology. When she shuddered about selfish Black Magician of the Left-Hand Path, LaVey probably smiled and recognized himself in that role. This was apparently the extent of Tantrism’s influence on the Satanic Bible and LaVey’s other works, since LaVey never mentioned it. But even badly filtered through Blavatsky’s misinterpretation, the essential truth of what the Left Hand Path is all about was recognizable to LaVey: indulgence instead of abstinence, pleasure instead of pain, selfishness instead of altruism, flesh instead of spirit.

But, while Vamachara Tantra and Modern Satanism are both Left Hand Path, there is an essential difference between the two that keeps Tantra from being strictly speaking, ‘Satanic.’ Modern Satanism expects its adherents to be their own gods without any need for personal instruction or permission from any guru to be a ‘Satanists.’ Vamachara Tantra however is not so individualistic and, in fact, strictly requires its initiates to study under the tutelage of a Tantrik guru. Tantra teaches that performance of the rites of Vamachara without the oversight of a guru will not only be ineffectual but warns that it might even be dangerous. So while both Vamachara Tantra and Modern Satanism are both LHP, Tantra cannot truly be said to be ‘Satanic’ per se in the sense that Satanists use the term.”

– RtM, Satanism, Tantrism and the Left-Hand Path

Daily Satanic Quote – 11/27/2013


“Black magic, then, is the use of powers both within and without the Magician in bringing about specific change in oneself, in the world, and in all of its inhabitants in the most sinister manner possible. Black Magick is also the spiritual and ritual act of working with powers, archetypes, entities and symbols whose nature is malign and iniquitous.” – E.A. Koetting, Works of Darkness

The Devil’s Music – The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton (The Mountain Goats)


the best ever death metal band out of denton
were a couple of guys, who’d been friends since grade school.
one was named cyrus, and the other was jeff.
and they practiced twice a week in jeff’s bedroom.

the best ever death metal band out of denton
never settled on a name.
but the top three contenders, after weeks of debate,
were satan’s fingers, and the killers, and the hospital bombers.

jeff and cyrus believed in their hearts they were headed
for stage lights and leer jets, and fortune and fame.
so in script that made prominent use of a pentagram,
they stenciled their drumheads and guitars with their names.

this was how cyrus got sent to the school
where they told him he’d never be famous.
and this was why jeff,
in the letters he’d write to his friend,
helped develop a plan to get even.
when you punish a person for dreaming his dream,
don’t expect him to thank or forgive you.
the best ever death metal band out of denton
will in time both outpace and outlive you.
hail satan!
hail satan tonight!
hail satan!
hail hail!

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