Invocation to Lilith


“Isheth Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, O you who are the black lustrous pearl of evil, let the shell of darkness that covers your fearsome beauty be opened wide and honour me N.N. who are your faithful son/daughter by acknowledging my invocation and bless me with your unholy presence!

O mighty Lilith, let me feel the rapturous ecstasy that the touch of your cold lips bestows! Let me become satiated by the power of your majestic presence and initiate me in the mysteries of the Black Moon!

Open yourself up for me, O Mother of Night, in the same way that I have opened up all the gates of my soul for you and in the name of Satan, infuse my whole existence with your dark waters of death and show me the hidden heart of the nightmarish mysteries of your kingdom!

Lilith, O you who are the Empress of the Sitra Ahra, allow me, who are forever sworn to the Anti-Cosmic forces of the Nightside, to drink from your lunar blood and initiate me in the sinister path of the Kliffot!

Isheth Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, scorch and cleanse me with the fires of your satanic lust and elevate me to become one of your elect children! Bestow upon me the protection of the hungry shadows of Gamaliel and in the name of the Seven-Headed Dragon, unlock all your gates for me!

O fearsome Ama Lilith, grant me your blessings and permit me to enter your fertile darkness and let me partake of all the secrets therein!

Show me now the hidden path, O goddess of Wrathful Chaos, as I penetrate your cave of shadows and acosmic darkness! Guide me through the labyrinths of life and death and lead me to the true source of my darkest dreams!

Mother of all perversions, it is for your greater glory that I spill the tears of life and the wine of my veins, as I now implore you to grant me entry to the kingdom of immortal night!

Guide my hidden self through the tortuous and burning path that I have set foot upon in your name, and assist me in my escape from the imprisoning creation of the sephirotic light! Bless me with the dragon wings of kliffotic ascension and let me become as one with the Black Light of the Wrathful Chaos!

O great Lilith, open your blood filled womb and grant me entrance to your kingdom of unholy desires and unlawful dreams!

Mother of all demons, proud mistress of Satan, O evil goddess Taninsama, open wide the gates of Gehinnom and let the dark flame of my demonic Self flourish in the purifying darkness of Gamaliel!

O mother of all unnatural impulses in man and mistress of impious lecherousness, open up your forbidden gate and allow me to drown in the baptismal elixirs of your fornication!

Let my lifeblood commingle with the dark wine of your wanton womb and let me become as one with the unrestrained and powerful spawn of Sitra Ahra!

Goddess of Hell in the name of Satan, open now your locked gates and grant me entry to the dwelling house of the sinister shadows of the Nigthside!

Lilith, faceless queen of bloodstained dreams, unseal the gate of Gehinnom and in the name of Satan bestow upon me the mark of your blessing as I now, in your name, enter the kingdom of everlasting night!

Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot! (x11)”

Temple of the Black Light


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