Getting Real With Theistic Satanism


“With all the Social Networks swirling with new groups, spacemen, and dragon lords it resembles a game of Dungeons and Dragon’s (“wonders who remembers this game?”).

It is time if you have chosen the path of Theistic Satanism to chose what direction you will journey.

While Gray’s and Ancient Astronauts and Ghost Stories all are interesting, we must no forgot what our deity would really want us to be doing.

  1. It was said once by one of his priests from 3,000 B.C. “Interesting themes lie in the skies but the dragon should lie in our hearts and minds.”
  2. While Bigfoot discussion are fun, we should be studying and learning to increase our wisdom not in New Age books (that come out by the dozens as of late) but in Ancient Manuscripts and books written before the 1600’s.
  3. Once should be practicing and performing all important celebrations in private or in groups as our deity asks us the Dedicate and Celebrate our lives to him.

It seems these days that everyone is trying to write a Harry Potter Epic, mixing in Vampires and all types of things that go “bump” in the night.

People are like sheep lost in the world that calls itself “Left Hand” and forgetting the deity cannot be judged by humans, he judges us.

I believe and I repeat I cannot speak for the deity, but I think he wants us to focus on success and improving our lives getting jobs and getting active could both be beneficial you, and most of all read, read and do more reading.

… Please don’t be a mark, following people without Satan and without reality is getting us no where and as I have said a hundred times we need to make our religion real, at this point its as fake and false as people on the Social Networks who have “fake profiles!”

… Remember we need reality and NOT VIRTUAL REALITY that is how Christianity, Islam, and hundreds of other REAL RELIGIONS are moving forward and that is why we are always left in last place, you want change you need to make Theistic Satanism valid.”

– Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, The Temples of Satan


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