A Frank Account of a Sex Magick Ritual based on the Ars Goetia


“I just returned from Michigan late Tuesday (7/13/04). Part of this reads a bit like a cheap porn novel, but I never claimed to be a great writer. Take it for what you think it is worth. I went up there to assist one of the Dark Lodge members with a love related evocation. Just for clarity, I want to point out that love, lust, and relationships are very common themes of many kinds of magick. The same is true for hate, harm and mayhem. Several weeks ago Daniel and I discussed on the Dark Lodge several love spells using apples or other fruit.

Rose had contacted me off list by email. She had seen some of my posts on other groups, and had been lurking on the Dark Lodge group. Rose had separated from her husband. He had apparently found a girlfriend, and had moved out on Rose several months ago. She had read some of the files on various types of love spells in the Dark Lodge libraries, and had tried some wiccan love spells. Like most of these types of enquiries, Rose first sent several emails asking about various love and revenge spells. We chatted a bit about the wiccan reade, and the rule of three. I explained the actual roots of modern wicca with Gerald Gardner, and how the reade and the rule of three were modern inventions with no magickal basis.

I pointed her toward several files (which she had already read) in the files section. We discussed how well they work, and she tried a couple, with no apparent success. After about six weeks, Rose finally asked about sex magick evocations, and what all was involved. I gave her my usual short, blunt description. I have found by being blunt, it quickly separates the curious from the serious. My standard response is something like this:

“Here is a short, blunt description of what is needed. I’m straightforward about sex magick. First off, we would need to determine exactly what you want done to your husband’s lover in order to determine which of the 72 goetic spirits is the best for our objectives. We also need to select the best spirit to bring your Husband back. Once that is determined we will need to set aside a couple of days for the ritual. I find these rituals work best outdoors. We will perform a goetic evocation. Because the results are personal, and you would be directly involved, it should require only the two of us. During the ritual period you will be entirely and completely under my direction. If that is not possible, you should explore other options to achieve your goals.

Prior to the ritual, I will need to set up a circle, and gather up some supplies. If you can provide something from your husband’s lover, that would help too. Because this operation has very specific goals in mind, we will use a modification of a standard goetic operation. The sigil of the goetic spirit will be inscribed within the circle. We would perform the evocation at night.

We would both need to strip naked, and enter the circle. I would also place the sigil of the goetic spirit on your ass. I would perform an evocation ceremony. The ceremony would evoke the goetic spirit, and describe exactly the end result required of the spirit. We would then fuck within the circle, using all three of your openings. Ideally, we would stay within the circle until dawn, depending on the weather.

We would then spend the day resting. The next night, we would repeat the same ritual as before. At dawn, the item you bring from your husband’s lover is burned. After the burning, the ash is gathered, and mixed with the dirt from the circle used in the ceremony, and some of your cum. This mixture will need to be dried. The ash represents her. The dirt re-enforces the spirit, and your cum represents your power over her. I will also bring a talisman, which we will charge with your cum, to bring your husband back to you. Once a week, the talisman should be washed, and placed inside your pussy to recharge it. The talisman should be worn around your neck at all other times.

When you return home, take some of your mixture, and draw the sigil of goetic spirit on your doorstep, to help keep her out. If you can, dust something she owns and uses with the mixture. Remember that the mixture contains the burned ashes of her and your and the spirits domination over her.”

– an excerpt from Michigan Evocation: Sex Magick and Goetic evocations; Love & Revenge by Goldtrend


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