Satan as God of Consciousness


“The Lord of Darkness is, first and foremost, the God of Consciousness. It may seem strange that consciousness-the primary defining factor of human existence-is said to be derived from the Prince of Darkness, but this is true in any mythology you might care to examine. In the biblical Eden myth, humanity is given self-awareness through the prompting of the Serpent to taste the forbidden fruit. In ancient Egypt, the dread Set was the champion of individuality, the Self-willed rebel in a structured and inflexible society. He was the God who was against the Gods. In Greek mythology, humans acquired consciousness only when Prometheus stole fire from heaven, a consciousness that the jealous Gods never intended to give to mankind. In Northern myth, man was granted consciousness, intelligence and being as a tripartite gift from the grim and dark God, Odin. And so the list goes on…man’s consciousness and sense of Self is bestowed upon him by a dark Entity – Itself a conscious and rebellious being-in defiance of the laws of conformity.”

– Michael Kelly, Apophis – A Publication of the Order of Apep


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