Daily Satanic Quote – 11/26/2013


“Satanism is the term commonly used to refer to the worship of the supreme personification of evil in the Western Judaeo-Christian religious tradition. Christianity teaches that the Supreme God is all good, and that an angel named Satan, or Lucifer, who defied God, was cast out of Heaven and exists as God’s adversary, ruler of Hell, and cause of all evil in the world. In our culture, this definition of the Devil, which has been both reinforced and modified over the centuries, is the one most generally accepted. Contemporary satanism, however, is based not so much on the explicit worship of evil but on the contention that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ do not exist in any objective sense. Modern satanists proclaim that their goal is to rise above these mundane human designations into a godlike position of total, unrestricted freedom and power that places them ‘beyond good and evil.'” – Linda Blood, The New Satanists


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