Gods and Humanity


“To explain the consistency of the application of the Luciferian Path in relation to paganism and ‘living it’ I would like to provide an example of a manifestation of this path. Two of the specific examples are indeed Luciferian individuals based on the following:

1. Both choose to shape their own destiny, even when odds were against them.

2. Both used cunning and planning to achieve what they wish.

By definition, individuals who seek to empower their lives through antimonian self-deification manifest themselves as living Gods or Goddesses. This is Luciferian as the polytheistic use of Gods or Epithets is central to the Luciferian mind being able to balance darkness and light according to their own design in life.

Mythology often presents the balance of initiation of humanity; often they are too insensitive to understand the deeper considerations. While Zeus has battled with the Giants, Titans and more, he is deeply connected to them as they are to him. Aspects of each dwell within our deep subconscious. As a Luciferian, you must never fall prey to comparing the Gods of the Christian-value system, for such is for slaves and the ignorant, unknowing fools. If you venerate Zeus as the bringer of power to yourself, offer incense and what you will, yet also offer to Hades and the keeper of the knowledge and power within the depths of your soul. Honor as many Gods as you wish, for they incarnate within your flesh.

The Gods and Daimons all are depicted anthropomorphically in accordance with their desire or intent of the moment, much like we change our clothes to go to one event or another. When offerings, rituals, or other visualization workings are practiced, it is a suitable practice to see them within your mind’s eye or imagination.

To understand the symbolism of Zeus with relation to ‘God Manifest’ or ‘Theos Epiphanes,’ it is significant to study a relation to leadership and the manifestation of destined by Willed action. Usurping the Throne or in modern day action achieving victory over an area of your life often requires cunning and the application of strategy into action. This type of bold action, be it personal, professional, or otherwise, will carry your path directly to victory or ruin.

… Usurpers can be seen as the ultimate Luciferians or manifestations of Gods, they choose to empower themselves and divinity by taking through force and will. This is one method of applying the Gods within your own life, to have them act through you by your actions in life.”

– Michael Ford, Magick of the Ancient Gods


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