Daily Satanic Quote – 12/4/2013


“Forever, we hear of hell. During the Middle Ages, people had nightmares that were filled with visions of it. They feared hell. Talk of hell went in and out of fashion. As the Catholic Church’s power broke with the Protestant divisions, hell and its clost friends of spiritualism and witchcraft gained tenuous hold. Enlightenment eroded hell’s horrors and civilization learned tolerance for the Underworld. Today we believe in hell, but we don’t want to believe it could be waiting for us. Hell is cold. It is lonely. It is filled with the dispossessed, the bad, the ugly, and the things about which we choose not to remember. Hell is a leftover idea from our past that we could best do without. The problem is that it will not do without us.” – S. Kaye Saunders, Hell Exposed


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