Hell, the Satanic Black Chapel


“Hell isn’t such a bad place. Hell is our creed. Hell is the Satanic black chapel; a place to be alone…to ponder; to ritualize, guided by waxen Flames of Darkness. Hell is our interlude, a moment away … from people, Christianity, moralism, crime, complaints and despair, politics and newspapers, problems—great and small.

Hell is where we consume the smokish flavours of incense and soothing melodies of Bach and Berlioz. Hell is where we’re sympathetic to … Darkened images, shadows on the walls, spectres out of our minds.

Hell is where we yearn as we will; where we indulge in whatever vice desired. Hell is where our imaginations enjoy the ultimate freedoms; the ultimate expression—Creation; and we may well become … Devils.

Hell is where we scheme and write blasphemies; hateful verse against adversaries. Hell is where we may be out-of-our minds; Devilish outs, indulging in all that is foolish, perverse and forbidden.

Hell is the Satanic Paradise of the Noble Man above “God”; the elevated World of Fantasy, Imagination and Creation. NO restrictions, no accuser, no worthy opponents—all stand defenseless.

Hell—the Sanctuary against the real Horrors of the world!

My Brethren … go there often.”

– Adrian Claves, Satanicon: The Book of Evil


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