A Satanic Creation Myth


“The universe comes from the One (ain or no-thing) and returns to it. The first cause is not an explosion like the so-called Big Bang, but the emergence of Chaos and Order. People often ask, “How can Satan be the exception to every rule, the dissonance in the universal, the rebel of the cosmos, the rock cast in the still pond and still represent nature’s balance factor?” Simply put, Satan, the male principle, is Chaos personified. Babalon, the female principle, is Order personified. These principles combine, divide and subdivide as the universe expands. These divisions create primary forms which help the co-creators weave the fabric of the universe. The process is reminiscent of the way cells divide and multiply in our own bodies. During the contraction phase, the primary forms rejoin the source as the two principles begin to reconcile and recombine, realizing perfection as One (Big Crunch). Since the universal constant is change, a thing which is perfected cannot stand and so, another expansion occurs and a new universe is formed. This process continues ad infinitum …

All creatures on the wheel of life evolve gradually, as do the souls which inhabit these forms. All life springs from the Dark Mother, Babalon, for she is the life giver, nurturer, sustainer. The role of Satan is architect, builder and destroyer. Both work interdependently to achieve balance, harmony and consistent change. They define, compliment and complete one another. Life is an expression of both Order and Chaos. It consists of a continuous series of good and bad experiences which appear to follow a pattern. This is true regardless of age, irrespective of our race or religious convictions. When life goes well, our spiritual growth tends to stagnate. The onslaughts and challenges of daily life give us the impetus to grow and excel.” – John Allee (High Priest of the First Church of Satan), The Book of Aiwass


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