Nomine Infernalis


Lucifer, Fallen Angel
Usurper, Rebel Lord
Come before us, we shameless sinners
In Darkness we trust, in Shadows we gather
For our strength is in sin, our purpose is in
Evil, and our joy is in wisdom.
Rege Satanas! Hail!

Lilith, Mistress of the Dark
Invocator of the Secret Name of YHWH
Lover of Vengeance, Mother of Demonkind
Inflame the passions of the Rebel Lord
That His will be done through the hearts and souls of men.
Hail! Isheth Zeninum Taninsam Ama Lilith!

Satan, Lucifer, Lilith
Assemble before us, we shameless sinners
Teach us Your Infernal wisdom
And bless us with Your mighty presence.
Nomen Infernalis! Hail!


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