Regarding The Frequency Of My Posts (Again)



It’s been a minute!

First, as of Monday, January 6th, I’ve accepted a full-time job. This means the frequency of my posts, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, will – and has – greatly stymied. Rest assured, however, I will make at least two blog posts every Saturday and Sunday to keep the blog’s content fresh. As much as I love setting aside time daily for research of Satanism and the occult, my real passion in life, I have practical affairs to attend to first. I hope my regular readership understands.

Second, I’d like to repost a status update I made on the 2nd on the blog’s Facebook page:

“The blog is now officially half a year old!

It has a total of 25,600 pageviews, 429 posts, and 714 followers (including all email subscribers, Twitter, and Facebook).

When I began, I was informed by a jaded commentator that such endeavors to blog about Satanism usually lose their steam after three months. Well, I’ve doubled that estimate, and I’m not planning to retire it anytime soon.

I hope that the blog project has been as much of a delight for you to read and resource as it has been for me to compile. As always, I invite my readers to send me related material (YouTube videos, articles, .pdf files, images, etc.) they’ve found in their studies, or some of their own, to add to the growing (and impressive) cultural legacy of Satanism.

Hail Him!”





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