On The Use of Ritual Space


“The Ritual Chamber

Human beings are “hard-wired” to have certain responses in a low-stimulus environment. Put a group of humans in a room with a red light, muted walls, and start a tape of crying, and everyone will start bawling. Start a tape of religious chants, and everyone can have a religious experience. This is simple. Humans in low-stimulus environments begin to focus on issues related to the self.

Setians are quite aware of this, and know to make use of such environments to further their process. The creation of such a space – even if only done with a few symbolic objects – is one of the most powerfully integrative things you can do. A few people will trick themselves into “religious” or “sensed presence” experiences in such environments and go off the deep end, rather than studying the neuro-physiological reasons for such phenomena. A few others will dismiss the idea of a chamber, thinking that all they need is thought. The notion is true, but what they don’t grasp is that the action of placing oneself in such environments is one of the first steps of being able to think hard enough. Eventually the chamber is not needed, and Setians learn to produce the same physiological response needed to focus the mind deeply anywhere.”

– Don Webb, Within You and Beyond You


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