The Satanic Aspect, Suggested Fate, and Spiritual Guidance through Satan


“It should be noted that the Satanic Aspect is part of the self, but although essentially being a splintered portion of the self direct access to power or infl uence concerning the will put forth in that portion of existence cannot be influenced.

Upon conception, the Great Satan imbeds the human form with a spark, which is the consciousness or soul or self, while the simultaneous splintering of this consciousness creates the Satanic Aspect. After this true birth of the self a person is separated from the Great Satan to exist freely however they see fit. There are no limits to free will. No rules or guidelines. In fact, people are in a sense abandoned to figure out the internal and external world on their own in a unique and completely personal manner. This is necessary for the development of consciousness if the cultivation of a more refined self is to emerge—one that can successfully withstand being absorbed into the natural universe or God upon death.

This can be an arduous task considering how underdeveloped faculties are at birth. The Great Satan knows this.

Not wanting to bestow his gifts in vain, he reserves and splinters one portion of consciousness with fully realized potential and power to guide people through life. This portion of the self is the Satanic Aspect or consciousness potential.

The Satanic Aspect guides in two ways. One is through divination, which can be understood as discovering information by watching for signs that occur within the immediate surroundings. The second is the more esoteric process of resonance, or aligning oneself with the Satanic Aspect, to discover and fulfill action in the proper direction leading to greater consciousness.

The Satanic Aspect has one purpose and expresses elevated will in its most realized form: the will to present situations and to lead to opportunities that cultivate consciousness. Its purpose is to work towards potential through a highly personalized path that in turn creates a completely unique and powerful individual. To be given fully realized consciousness upon conception would have left a generic form of energy incapable of continued evolution or the creation of additional consciousness. Without struggle to attain specifically chosen desires, there wouldn’t be a compelling force developed towards evolution. There would be no unique development. No self-creation and no personal choice involved. This would make life a pointless endeavor because the purpose of the Great Satan’s gift is to create more of what he possesses in opposition to the natural universe or God.

The ultimate fate of all human beings is to develop consciousness to the point of eternal life into the unknown. This is the purpose of existence. The Satanic Aspect helps in that journey and purpose. When listening and following the path correctly, a resonance occurs within that is experienced as a very specific energetic vibration. At these moments, people move closer to reconnecting with the splintered part of their consciousness. When that resonance is maintained, hints of the unknown are experienced.

This path—the true and powerful purpose for existence—does not have to be adhered to and there is no retribution by the Great Satan for those who do not. At times the path shown by the Satanic Aspect is not one desired. Being creatures of free will and desire, the world entices with its many luring experiences, each one equal to the next in what it can offer in forms of consciousness, but not every experience is as beneficial to personal development. This is where the Satanic Aspect lends assistance in revealing a path, which leads to the greatest development. This is suggested fate. If another path is chosen to acquire something that has a strong personal predilection and desire, then that may be sought after and attained. In a way, it is a very noble choice because the amount of struggle that will be encountered in pursuit of this desire outside of suggested fate will be vast. In a sense, the self will be sacrificed to self for desire. Prior to choosing and seeking out these desires, understand the energetic repercussions and be prepared to take responsibility for the outcome.”

– Matt Zane, Transcendental Satanism


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