The Basics of Tactical Magick


“A banishing ritual done with a bic lighter and salt packets in a cheap hotelk room. Possum skull house guardians and scarecrow golems in the cornfield. Teddy bear exorcisms and beating down the bogeyman with a watergun. Scrying for the future with a brick and pirated music. Turning a road trip into a vision quest with a mixed tape and a good friend. Punching your enemy right in the soul. Evoking a god with sidewalk chalk and cheap red wine in an alley. Its Molotov magick that burns away the obstacles in your life, if you have the power.

… Tactical magick, in many ways, is a magical system built upon the eclectic and situational use of symbols, associations, and relationships in order to create effective magical manifestations of the will. As such, it has no foundation beyond the daily lives of its practitioners.

… Despite how much we may or may not view the flesh as a prison, after a gnostic fashion, we are beings housed in and a part of the physical realm. Keeping the body, this temple, at peak condition is important to any magical endeavor. When the body is in good physical condition there is an abundance of vitality, awareness, and endurance, all of which are important faculties in magical practice. This is best done through balanced diet, consistent exercise, uninterrupted restful sleep, and good personal hygiene. … Not only will these healthy habits improve the quality of your life, but also the potency, duration, and precision of your magick.

… Meditation is a cornerstone of magical practice, though is not as rigid as one might think. … Eventually the mind will sharpen and the body will relax … It is from this state of relaxed readiness that effective magick springs forth. In time the practitioner will become adept at achieving this R&R state with a single controlled breath, allowing them to prepare for empowered magical action at a moment’s notice.

… Energy must first be sensed; this can be done with a combination of the ‘magical senses’ … and the act of visualizing the energy you are being faced with in whatever manner is most compatible with your personal world view. Once the energy is sensed you must reach out with your will and take control of that energy, shaping it into patterns of your choosing, or using the pre-existing patterns as you see fit. This is the most basic element of magick, and is heavily reliant upon the strength of your will and your belief in the existence of magick itself. Once the energy is shaped it can be used for the magical sending or spell you are attempting to produce. When the magical act has been completed, ground the leftover energy by projecting it into either an object, the earth itself, or dissipating it into the ambient environment.”

– Seth, Tactical Magick


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