A Defense of Psychodrama in Satanic Rituals


“The major advantage of the combination of logic dispense and the destruction of a proximate enemy is one of self control. The release of energy and violent action serves as an automatic toning down mechanism for the illogical behaviour pattern that you would otherwise take with you into the external world.

In many cases the purpose can be for self expression without the consequences that would be faced if you were to do the same destruction in a physical way. You can remain more level headed, more efficient and more in control if you go through this process of psychodrama.

It is said, even by some Satanists, that all psychodrama does is make you look stupid, or that it makes you look too stupid. People laugh at such a display rather than fear it.

The criticism is insecure. People feel stupid performing certain actions or saying certain things. For example many neophytes and most mundanes cannot say “Hail Satan”. All it is is two words, yet people get embarrassed to say it. There are many such things that people are illogically afraid of doing and a psychodrama is a release and training ground for self confidence and the reduction of such silly embarrassment.”

– Vexen Crabtree, A Defense of Psychodrama in Satanic Rituals


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