Working With Demonic Spirits

“Demonic Spirits are essential chthonic/infernal forces which are bound to and from the shadow and dark places of the earth. One should approach daemonic spirits as something other than the self. They are a testing ground; the ones who would have you face the skull containing the Waters of Leviathan, or initiation. They would have you drink deeply of the Gnosis which reveals the Luciferian Mind, that which questions and is strong within it. One should not approach the Goetic spirits with fear, if the mind is clear upon the initiatory intent then this is a building point of character associated with the spirit therein. Daemonic Spirits/Djinn are the phantasms which congress and communicate with those who partake of the Infernal Sabbat, the conclave of witches and sorcerous beings of night-walking dreaming gnosis.

Daemonic (Demonic) Spirits are often Fallen Angels; those who have tasted from the golden cup of the celestial realm of Lucifer, and by falling into the infernal realms have learned the dark ways of their own sorcerous making. Such Daemonic forces are but in someways mirrors of our self, we must gain by association and invocation.This, by this Work alone, will strengthen and develop the very self of the sorcerer, the ever-changing Luciferian and Promethean Essence from which the body and mind it itself a Grand Grimoire of Shadowed Knowledge. Our soul must be inflamed as the Serpent and must work accordingly as the Devil in Flesh, the Tester of the limits and the initiator upon earth. Work always with a goal in mind and do not dabble with the Spirits of the Goetia. You have been warned.

The Four Infernal Princes are –

LUCIFER – East (from Lux Fero, Light Bearer. A common “Shadow” association is Lucifuge, latin for “fly the light” and may have close associations with Mephistopheles.Lucifer in this aspect is the Angel of Light, the Adversary. Lucifer is a title which isbeheld by the fire djinn Azazel being the first angel, fallen from the stasis of light. By thismanner, Lucifer is the liberator and developer of humanity with his gift of the Black Flame, or individualized self-perception.

LEVIATHAN – West (from LVTHN, the Crooked Serpent/Dragon of the Sea. Leviathan is the Daemon of Immortality and initiation, that the Beast and Scarlet Whoremoves through to arise from the Oceans as the Beast 666, the Solar Spirit of manifestation and creativity.)

SATAN – South (from the root SHTN, meaning Adversary. Satan is the name associated with Azazel the Fire Djinn, who is also Lucifer and Samael. The Goat with OneThousand Names by form. Satan = Set-an, the ancient Egyptian God of Darkness, Chaosand Isolation.) Satan is the Adversary, whose symbol can be viewed as a Forked Stavewhich rises in the Noon-tide Sun.

BELIAL – North (from BLIOL, a wicked one. Belial is the Spirit of the earth, created second after Lucifer/Azazel as a powerful Angel. Belial is a powerful daemonic andangelick spirit and initiator, and is associated with both the infernal and celestial.)

The Sub-Princes are (and should be considered Shadow forms of the Infernal Princes) –

SAMAEL – East (being the Angel of Fire who is Azazel. Samael is the Demon prince who is married to Lilith and father of Tubal-Cain. The root word of Samael is SML,which translates “Idol or image”.)

AZAEL – West (associated with Azrael, the Angel of Death or the Egyptian Anubis, the God of the Dead. Azael represents the West and the Realm of Twilight.)

AZAZEL – South (associated with the element Fire, as Azazel is the Fire Djinn of Islamic Sufism. In Hebrew Azazel is the Scape Goat, associated with the root OZ,meaning Goat and Devil, sexual force.)

MAHAZAEL – North (associated with Earth, being Cain or the Egyptian Set as the Lord of the Earth in Typhonian Lore. Mahazael comes from the root MHZAL, meaning toConsume and Devour and is associated with AMAIMON, a Grand Daemon.)”

– Michael W. Ford, Luciferian Goetia



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