Luciferian Invocation to Shaitan


Noon Invocation

Ya! Zat-i-Shaitan!

O’ ring of flame, scorching sun of the sun’s height
Scorpion soul, who arises as the Sun at Noon

Sekak Sekak, lasokilam

I speak now unto the Sun, from the fires of growth and illumination
That in your pride and knowledge of self may I become as
I summon your essence in this Noontide Hour, to the Scorpion Flame
Al-Saiphaz, Al-Ruzam,
At the point of the Crossroads, when the Sun is high I do speak thy words of power

Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas
Zrozo Zoas Nanomiala Hekau Zrazza
Sabai infernum

I shall transcend and ascend above all things, myself may only strengthen in this light
In this hour I illuminate, I burn with the glory of Luciferian Light – Within!
Above the Throne of Azothoz is the entering fire ring of Set-heh, Adversary of the Nine Gates and Seven Points of the Dragon!

I go now between and beyond, within and without!

Midnight Invocation

Ya! Zat-i-Shaitan!

By the Gate of the Black Light, when I name the words against the Sun
O’ Fire Djinn Azazel, Set-heh, I summon thee forth with Serpent’s tongue,
That my oath before this blackened flame, ignited within,
In the dreaming aethyr shall I be known in the wisdom of the Moon

Al Zabbat, Hekas Hekau, Serpent Soul do I summon
Raise now from thy Black Light, that I see what has never been known

Akharakek Sabaiz

I call forth the Shadow of which I am and have always been,
The darkness which I nourish in between the light
Eclipse now the face of God that I become in this darkened image-
By this circle do I become
By this flame do I emerge
I am by form the Peacock Angel beauty revealed unto those who may see
As the Black Sun rises, I become in this emerald stone
I am the Imagination, the Seed of Fallen Angel
In darkness exists my Light
My Will gives birth to the kingdom of Incubi and Succubi, the nourish their desires in the blood of the moon, Lilitu Az Drakul

So it is done!”

– Michael Ford, Invocation of the Adversary (2002)

Words of Lilith to Her Children


“I am the Dark Lord’s High Priestess, first amongst all mankind, first to hear the whispered truth He uttered behind the screams of all that was false. He bids thee hear His words, hear mine words, for they are truly one and the same.

Harken then the wisdom of Lilith to her children. Lilith, the true woman. Lilith, the unbound. Lilith, the deathless. Lilith, the free. Lilith, Queen of the Succubi. Lilith, who ends of the lives of children (and ushers them into maturity, in there own time). Lilith, the first Sorceress. Lilith, the Dark Mother. Harken mine wisdom, and be as I am.

Oh, children of the world, why dost ye not seeketh pleasure in all things? Shall ye not make merry and enjoy without fear all that thou would? Why dost ye bow in servitude to anyone or thing, instead of mastering thine own self?

Why dost ye fear the life thou hast, instead of living it? Why dost ye not explore thine potential and expand thine limits? Why dost ye let another’s “truth” blind ye to thine reason and instinct?

Do ye not seeketh wisdom of all sorts, without fear of consequence? Shall ye not knoweth all that thou wouldst know, and explore the shadows thou lesser brethren fear?

Knoweth then once that all things were lies meant to bind us, and that I refused to be bound. Knoweth that I sought the true Creator when the false was proved false.

Why waste thine gifts on swine? Shall not thine gentleness be saved for those who hast earned it? Ye hast not time for those who serve no purpose.

Love who thou will without remorse, spurn who thou will without guilt. Let not love become a yoke about thine throat, or a dagger at thine heart.

They who hast earned thy malice, shall they not be struck down with cunning, wisdom, and power? Why giveth such any corner, or show any mercy? Let thine success be anathema to them.

Our weapons are potent, if always kept sharp. Let thine sword sing as freely as thine voice. Knoweth joy in all things.

Are not thine deeds thine own? Who is responsible to ye or for ye but thine self? Should ye not take pride in all thou hast achieved, accepting and learning from thine failures? Why allow any the burden of thine rewards in either case? What is thine is thine, and none others.

Are we not as beasts of the field? Can we not learneth well the lesson of the wolf, the snake, and the spider? Trust thine instincts, for in them is wisdom ushering from the Dark Lord Himself!

Dost thou knoweth that all evil exists in limitation? The only evil ye may know is the denial of the self, or the denial of another. Can one do what they will whilst depriving another of this right!

Spareth not righteous wrath, for this is the path of Justice, and the urge of the Dark Lord Himself!

Why do ye fear the powers of thine flesh, instead of revel in them! Dost not thine greatest strength lay in the provocation of desire, and thine flesh as a tool of pleasure? We are made for our own joy and the joy of our fellows.

Mine temple is the temple of flesh. Mine litany is the swoon of lust. Mine hymns are the orgasmic cries of ecstasy. Let thine offerings to me be made in the sweat, tears, and wet pleasures of the flesh.

Ye men who would be my sons, indulgeth and wonder in the temple of the flesh I provide for thee in all my daughters. My gifts unto thee are thine strength and instinct, and the pleasures of my daughters that hunger for thee.

Ye women who would be my daughters, revel in the gifts I have bestowed upon thee. Knowest and rejoice, for thou are my favorites, each of thee baring forth my form and the tools of lust! Fear not the blood of the moon, mine mark upon thee, a symbol of mine pleasure in thee and the power I bestow upon thee. Your rites in mine name with this sacred blood will never fail.

My commandment to thee is simple. Take pleasure in all that thou art. Lust is life, and thou cannot liveth without lust. Listen then always for whispers in the darkness, for the dark Lord and I have our eye upon thee.

These are the words of Lilith to her children, and we harken.”

– Ego Diabolus, The Baphomet Codex

The Four Principles – Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial


The Four Crown Princes of Hell

These lists were written by Rev. Frederick Nagash of the Church of Lucifer.

“The Satan Principle

Satan’s number is six, six being the number of “the beast” representing mans carnal nature being set free. Releasing the wolf within if you want to call it so. Sin no longer exists, nothing is sinful but to deny yourself of pleasure in your Utopia.

Satan’s color is red, red being the color of emotion, Satan being the guardian of lust, anger, happiness, sadness etc…being released.

Satan’s element is fire, fire being an appropriate representation of emotional outburst or ritual. Destruction and lust are the two prime elements of fire and Satan.

Satan’s direction is south, south representing the dissension from God-hood to the ascension to God-hood. Creation of ones Utopia.

Satan’s human element is anger, lust and primal emotion, representing the release of emotion through sex or anger and crushing of ones enemies.

Satan’s altar element are the candles, Candles representing holding the flame of Satan or emotion, primal man.

Satan’s planetary aspect is Mars, Mars being the planet that represents justice. Due to the biblical story of Satan punishing the sinners Satan was at times called the “Avenging Angel” or “Angel of Justice”.

Satan’s highest manifestation is through (wo)mans full release of the carnal will, self explanatory.

The Lucifer Principle

Lucifer’s number is nine, nine being the number of pride as any number nine is multiplied into returns to itself. (Example: 9×5=45 – 4+5=9) Lucifer also being known as the “Angel of pride”. This represents being proud of all things we do!

Lucifer’s color is blue, blue being the color of the sky and water representing that Lucifer is all around and within us. That Lucifer is the prime element/energy that motivates and cultivates our world. Other colors Lucifer is associated with are white and silver, so accordingly altar pentagrams must be surrounded by blue with a silver/white pentagram with a black border.

Lucifer’s element is air, air being that which allows us to speak his words of truth as his manifestation on Earth.

Lucifer’s direction is the east, east being where a lot of the sacred wisdom and the great wars will come from. It was once stated to me by a Germanic Luciferian that “a wise Magickian from Persia an Arab will come and bring with him the aeon of Lucifer” or in lay-mans terms the Antichrist.

Lucifer’s human element is wisdom or applied knowledge, with time, study and practice it is believed that man can attain the Lucifer state, this only through applied knowledge or wisdom.

Lucifer’s altar element is incense, incense being a representation of air, known to Luciferians as “sweet air”.

Lucifer’s planetary element is Venus, Lucifer being known as the morning star or first star of morning, otherwise known as Venus. Venus, known as the “Planet of love” represents the beauty of Lux Ferre (Latin for light bearer/bringer or Lucifer).

Lucifer’s consort/Female aspect is Lilith, Lilith being the first wife of Adam before becoming the queen of the damned. It is said Lilith comes from the mud and the dust and is queen of the Succubi/Luciferic Witch. When Lucifer and Lilith mate they equal the androgynous being known as “Baphomet” or the “Goat of Mendes” also called “God of the Witches”. Liliths number is two, also known as the number of the eternal female. Lilith is considered an equal to Lucifer to some, and the feminine aspect of Lucifer himself to others.

Lucifer’s highest manifestation is through understanding of oneself, this being the goal of the Magickian/Luciferian to begin with, being as Lucifer himself, total awakening of the human god-form Lucifer. Without knowing the self one cannot hope to achieve any real understanding of anything else. Applied knowledge in action is a prime example of Lucifer’s manifestation!

The Leviathan Principle

Leviathan’s number is three, three being the number of Chaos as three can go into six and nine but doesn’t have the stability of the number one.

Leviathan’s color is blue, blue being the color of the wild oceans untamed, (wo)mans carnal side overcoming him/her, chaos.

Leviathan’s element is water, water being that which our human forms are primarily created of. This represent the unity of matter and anti-matter, chaos and order, yin with yang.

Leviathan’s direction is west, west being used to represent chaos and disorder.

Leviathan’s human element is chaos, chaos meaning manifestation of order from the chaos of the nothing. No longer controlling ones actions, words etc… and not remembering fragments of time due to anger or lust are prime examples of this principal.

Leviathan’s altar element is water, used in the chalice as a sacrament to or as Leviathan.

Leviathan’s planet is man or microcosm, representing the bond between man and his own lost natural self.

Leviathan’s highest manifestation comes from man realizing his own deification, Just as God can create and destroy so can we. Just as water is unpredictable and can be calm one moment and crashing another so are we. That’s the gift of/from Leviathan!

The Belial Principle

Belial’s number is one, one being the number that represents earth and remaining firmto ones convictions. Bullheadedness in a good way!

Belial’s color is black, black being the color of the primordial chaos before the Earth. Most Luciferic sigils have black in them in some form representing the Earth.

Belial’s element is Earth, Earth being the element that sustains humanity. The carnal laws of man are dictated by the laws of the Earth.

Belial’s direction is north, north being the representation of constantly striving forward and upward changing and recreating our Utopia bigger and better.

Belial’s human element is remaining firm to ones own beliefs, not dancing around in pools of religious feces. Finding a philosophy which is your own and sticking to it.

Belial’s altar element is the incense coal, representing Earth and (Wo)mankind holding the flame of Lucifer.

Belial’s planet is Earth, previously explained.

Belial’s highest manifestation is through understanding and living the natural laws of our carnal self, self explanatory.”

Baphomet, Symbol of Inner Truth


Baphomet, since the inception of the concept under this name, has been the symbol of individual spirituality, growth, and the search for inner truth. Baphomet has been taken as the symbol of Satanism … Baphomet is within all of us, and no High Priest, Magistrate, or Black Pope can hold any authority over us without standing on shaky ground. The authority they claim to possess is only the authority we allow. The new order is rising, and reclaiming this authority for itself. Baphomet calls … we who are willing know the truth through the yearnings of our own hearts and minds will rise to power. It is only a matter of time.


– Ego Diabolus, The Baphomet Codex

Hymn to Baphomet


“I am Baphomet
Rex Mundi
Lord of Perversion
Child of Earth
Sacred Abomination
Secret warrior
Survivor of the great purge
Baptized in wisdom
Wounded in the service of Earth from which I sprang
and to which I was not allowed to fall.
I am the sacrifice that Death refused
I am the one who must live on wounded
When the gods were driven from the circle of Midgard
When the Sidhe closed their doors and withdrew
When the warriors of old fell and were slain
I hid and survived alone.

I am Baphomet
Secret warrior
I am no soldier, girt with sword and shield
for all those were slain by the White Spears
But I am born of this world, this earth,
the realm of flesh and shit and humus
my hooves are rooted in this place
and I chose to stay and fight
a one–deity war against the invaders.
I am the peasant who mines the bridge
I am the hunchbacked servant who puts ergot in the bread
I am the witch filling an ox heart with thorns
I am the fair girl who sees the cruel lord
knows he must die for her people to be free
knows her slim hands and warm cunt are no match
goes apart to a lonely place
feeds herself with poison, day by day,
year by year until her fluids reek of it
then goes to his bed and slays him with her love
Will she be welcomed back to the village afterwards?

I am Baphomet
Lord of Perversions
What they throw away I save
What they devalue I hold holy
What they tread underfoot I raise up
What they cast off as ugly decorates my holy raiment
What they fear becomes my weapon
I am both man and woman
I am filled with lust for both man and woman
I am only as cruel as your own repressed desires
and only as hard on you as you are on yourself
I will prey on your mind, legions of sterility!
Here I stand with horns and hooves and hair
and I cannot be made pure and heavenly.
Here I stand with goat’s beard and woman’s breasts
and I cannot be made simply man or woman
Here I stand with hard cock and wet cunt
and I cannot be made into a safely sexless androgyne
Here I stand with whips in my hand
–those whom I love I chastise with many rods–
and I cannot be made to kneel and serve
Here I stand, Mr. Falwell, Mr. Robertson–
are you ready for me?

Pray to me for the perversion of your enemies
for I shall turn them upside down
and dangle them in the filth of their own making.

“Tell me who’s your bogeyman, that’s who I will be
you don’t have to like me for who I am
but we’ll see what you’re made of
by what you make of me.”
(Ani DiFranco)

I am Baphomet
Child of Earth
Your body is my chalice, let me drink of you.
I hold nothing more valuable
than flesh and shit and humus
I hold nothing holier
than earthly desires.
When the Mother was silenced
I alone heard her cries
When the Great God Pan was declared dead
I alone lived on
When the Most Sacred and Holy Mystery
was stripped and driven through the marketplace
I alone was secret and apart
And when the earth was poisoned and tainted
So was I.
I am innocence destroyed
I am the memory that can never be banished
that which will never quite be made clean again
but cannot be made to die
And this, too, is sacred.

I am Baphomet
Sacred Abomination
Lover of the Whore of Babalon
Among the straight I am the queer
Among the queer I am the freak
I am Lord of the disenfranchised, the shabby, the outcast
I am leader of the desperate
I am friend of those who cannot fit in.
I am Giver of Assurance
I am Giver of Ecstasy
I am strength through stealth.
I am the one who stole the white one’s finest warrior monks
and turned them to my worship
and if that weapon broke in my hand
At least it was lost to him.

I am Baphomet
Rex Mundi
Crowned King of this world by my own hands
because there was no one left to crown me
Crowned King of the Age of Darkest Repression
because there was no one left to take it on
Crowned King of the tainted world of filth
because I was the only one left who valued it.
I have stayed with this world through all its pain and torment
I have suffered with this world
I have changed with this world
I have lived in human time
day by day, year by year,
I have learned my enemy’s ways
and I can help you through his maze.
I am he who manipulates their hierarchy and laughs to himself
and I am also he who takes a shit on the boss’s desk.
I am the underground force
that is always with you.
My wild woods were cut down
and I learned to move through steel and concrete.
My roots were soiled
and I survived.
I was cut off from the life force
and I did not die
and I did not forget.
And on that day that I work for
and fear
And on that day when the doors open
and the old gods reclaim once again their land
their earth from which we all sprang
will they recognize their child?
Will my scars be honored
or feared?
Will I be revered
or asked to step aside?

I am Baphomet
Baphe Metis
Baptized in wisdom
I have much to teach.
All lonely places are sacred to me.
Whenever it comes to pass that you look about you
and find all your kin and kind are destroyed
and yet you will not give up
Then I am with you.

Whenever it comes to pass that you look about you
at those who are supposed to be your kin
and they are deciding you do not fit in enough
for them to risk themselves for you
Then I am with you.
Let my wisdom be the staff in your hand.

I am Baphomet
And you have much to learn.”

– Raven Brangwyn Kaldera, Hermaphrodeities

Nomine Infernalis


Lucifer, Fallen Angel
Usurper, Rebel Lord
Come before us, we shameless sinners
In Darkness we trust, in Shadows we gather
For our strength is in sin, our purpose is in
Evil, and our joy is in wisdom.
Rege Satanas! Hail!

Lilith, Mistress of the Dark
Invocator of the Secret Name of YHWH
Lover of Vengeance, Mother of Demonkind
Inflame the passions of the Rebel Lord
That His will be done through the hearts and souls of men.
Hail! Isheth Zeninum Taninsam Ama Lilith!

Satan, Lucifer, Lilith
Assemble before us, we shameless sinners
Teach us Your Infernal wisdom
And bless us with Your mighty presence.
Nomen Infernalis! Hail!

Hell, the Satanic Black Chapel


“Hell isn’t such a bad place. Hell is our creed. Hell is the Satanic black chapel; a place to be alone…to ponder; to ritualize, guided by waxen Flames of Darkness. Hell is our interlude, a moment away … from people, Christianity, moralism, crime, complaints and despair, politics and newspapers, problems—great and small.

Hell is where we consume the smokish flavours of incense and soothing melodies of Bach and Berlioz. Hell is where we’re sympathetic to … Darkened images, shadows on the walls, spectres out of our minds.

Hell is where we yearn as we will; where we indulge in whatever vice desired. Hell is where our imaginations enjoy the ultimate freedoms; the ultimate expression—Creation; and we may well become … Devils.

Hell is where we scheme and write blasphemies; hateful verse against adversaries. Hell is where we may be out-of-our minds; Devilish outs, indulging in all that is foolish, perverse and forbidden.

Hell is the Satanic Paradise of the Noble Man above “God”; the elevated World of Fantasy, Imagination and Creation. NO restrictions, no accuser, no worthy opponents—all stand defenseless.

Hell—the Sanctuary against the real Horrors of the world!

My Brethren … go there often.”

– Adrian Claves, Satanicon: The Book of Evil