The Devil in Tarot


The Devil.

Storm clouds pierced the clear blue sky. You could feel everything. All that was present in the world around could also be felt inside you. The tempest. Changing. The future colliding with the past. Driven to the brink of madness. Falling over the edge. Until he gave you his hand, and everything became stable. Calm. He erased all your pain, he silenced your fears. A just god. Noble and true. Not jealous or angry. Both men and women. Balanced and equal. A celebration of oneness. Open and honest.

Tarot Dreams

Mesopotamian Society and “The Watchers”


“The Garden (Eden) there spoken of was Babylon “The gate of the gods” (New Babylon -> Nimrod etc.) as the name means. Babylon surrounded by high walls was indeed a garden in the strict sense of the word for it was large enough to hold agricultural grounds as well as houses. Into this garden the gods (Elohim) took the proletarians or “forerunners of the gods” on probation, to make “like us.” The Serpent priest or Satan/Lucifer warned them they would only be slaves. (The Pharaoh of Egypt was called a Dragon, Ezekial 29:3, and the soldiers of the Pharaoh were called Dragons.) Thus it may be easily seen why the children of Israel were prone to worship the Serpent, the emblem of the gods from whence they came.” – Henry Binkley Stein

“The early Israelites were mostly sun worshipers. And even in later times, the sun god, Baal, divided with Jehovah the worship of the Jews. Solomon’s worship included not merely the worship of Jehovah, but that of Baal and other gods … Most of the Israelites certainly saw no harm in these ornaments.” – John E. Remsberg

“That there was in progress a great colonizing movement by the gods (Watchers) is evidenced by the names of the countries of Europe. Each European country has an El derivitive name. This deserves more research. We shall enumerate some of them: Belgium, Alle-mania, Angel-land, Gaul or Gael, Kel or Caledonia, Val or Vals and its reverse Slave, possibly from the Runic language; Italy from the word Atlas(synonym for Lucifer); Palestine from the word Pales the god of pasture lands; Illyria, Wallencia, and so forth.” – Henry Binkley Stein

– originally cited by Illumination XXX

Getting Real With Theistic Satanism


“With all the Social Networks swirling with new groups, spacemen, and dragon lords it resembles a game of Dungeons and Dragon’s (“wonders who remembers this game?”).

It is time if you have chosen the path of Theistic Satanism to chose what direction you will journey.

While Gray’s and Ancient Astronauts and Ghost Stories all are interesting, we must no forgot what our deity would really want us to be doing.

  1. It was said once by one of his priests from 3,000 B.C. “Interesting themes lie in the skies but the dragon should lie in our hearts and minds.”
  2. While Bigfoot discussion are fun, we should be studying and learning to increase our wisdom not in New Age books (that come out by the dozens as of late) but in Ancient Manuscripts and books written before the 1600’s.
  3. Once should be practicing and performing all important celebrations in private or in groups as our deity asks us the Dedicate and Celebrate our lives to him.

It seems these days that everyone is trying to write a Harry Potter Epic, mixing in Vampires and all types of things that go “bump” in the night.

People are like sheep lost in the world that calls itself “Left Hand” and forgetting the deity cannot be judged by humans, he judges us.

I believe and I repeat I cannot speak for the deity, but I think he wants us to focus on success and improving our lives getting jobs and getting active could both be beneficial you, and most of all read, read and do more reading.

… Please don’t be a mark, following people without Satan and without reality is getting us no where and as I have said a hundred times we need to make our religion real, at this point its as fake and false as people on the Social Networks who have “fake profiles!”

… Remember we need reality and NOT VIRTUAL REALITY that is how Christianity, Islam, and hundreds of other REAL RELIGIONS are moving forward and that is why we are always left in last place, you want change you need to make Theistic Satanism valid.”

– Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, The Temples of Satan

An Exorcise in Faith


“Earlier that afternoon, we had been enjoying turkey sandwiches in the cafeteria. We never had our expectations set very high for the food at church camp. We were under no illusions that Rachael Ray was hard at work behind the closed doors to the kitchen. As such, we had made the best we could of what we were given. Now, however, I was wishing that I had passed on lunch.

I had sat next to Megan in the lunchroom because there was something about her that intrigued me. She was part of the classification of teenager we called “New Wave,” which would later be called “Goth” and sometimes “Emo” in its millennial reiterations. She wore all black clothing, dark eye makeup and lipstick, and had by her own admission done a fair amount of experimentation in the arena of hallucinogens—information that might have proved useful had I been aware of what that really meant during the time I was sharing a cabin with her.

In retrospect, I am not entirely certain what would have inspired me to keep such company back then in my “über-Christian” state, but I believe I was trying to convert her. It was no secret that she was a troubled youth, if ever there was one. And still, she had a sweet personality. She was always friendly to Scott and me. When she set down her half-eaten sandwich and whispered to me that she was having flashbacks, I was on it. I asked her if she wanted to go lie down. She murmured something about spiders crawling on her hands and nodded emphatically. Seeing my chance to be a good friend, I let her hold onto my arm as we walked back alone through the woods to our cabin, all the while becoming more and more freaked out as she narrated what she was seeing around her. That tree was a dog a second ago. There was an old man peeking at us from behind that tree. And behind the next, another man stood with an axe.

By the time we got to the empty cabin, I was ready. I knew about this sort of thing. I had heard about a girl who had been through an exorcism. She, sadly, had been inhabited by a “Laughing Demon” right in the middle of Youth Group—and there was nothing funny about it.

“Megan, I think we should pray,” I told her, leaning up against a ladder to a top bunk. She stood facing me from a couple of feet away, blinking. Since she didn’t argue, I started right in. I had just gotten to the part where I asked God in Jesus’ name to protect Megan, when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up.

“Stop praying,” the voice told me.

It was Megan’s voice, only not. Lower. Louder. Likewise, her face was her own, only not. Something weird about her eyes. Bigger, more piercing. They were staring hatred clean through me. In truth, they almost looked…reptilian. I stammered a little. I had not exactly expected this. Or maybe I had. At any rate, I attempted to rise to the occasion with Me vs. The Demon, round one.

“In Jesus’ name, leave Megan alone,” I told it.

She closed her eyes. Whimpered a little. I began to pray harder.

“Don’t stop praying,” she whimpered at me. “It hurts, but don’t stop.”

“You have no business here,” I told the demon. “I order you back to Hell where you belong.”

“Shut up,” it told me firmly, her cold eyes glaring at me once again. Another shock went through my body as I stared back at her.

“In Jesus’ name come out of her and leave her alone,” I repeated, to which it replied by shaking Megan’s body violently before throwing her like a ragdoll onto one of the lower beds, where she proceeded to pass out.

I stood there, staring at her, unsure of what to do next. Had the demon left? Does one touch a person when they are passed out due to demon infestation? Is it contagious? I was not given the chance to find out. That was when she jumped up and ran to the bathroom, where she began puking up demons along with her turkey sandwich.”

-Erika Rae, Devangelical

Satanism: Why Not?


“Okay, so, here’s my thing. I understand that there are obvious stigma attached to this, but hear me out, will ya? I get how America is primarily populated by ‘christians’ and all, but why not Satanists? No, not what the vast majority of America believes to be Satanists, or, for sake of brevity as it will reoccur, ‘satanists,’ with the whole blood sacrifices, creepy aura of evil, and general hatred of all things good that gets pegged onto the religion by, pretty much everyone who hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about(i.e. next to everyone); I mean actual Satanists. A common misconception of Satanism is mentioned above, whereas, regardless of branch, be it LaVeyan, Atheistic, Spiritual, you have one common goal approached through different methods: become stronger.

Yes! The point of being a Satanist is to strengthen yourself. It’s truly that base simple. Become independent, strengthen and hone your mind and your body, become stronger, smarter, more capable, expand every horizon of your being. It is about becoming as capable as you can, taking responsibility for your actions, and accepting your faults as what they are so that you may work to improve yourself better, not lean on someone else that may not be there when push comes to shove.

I’m not saying Satanism is perfect, or even that it’s for just anyone. It’s not. Just like Christianity is for just anyone. A religion is a religion, a system of beliefs categorized under a common name and shared with all those who believe equally. It can be one in which others seek shelter and look for help(i.e. Christianity, where the Lord is your shepherd and your rock) or it can be one in which people create a grindstone to sharpen themselves, to shed the excess and pull themselves towards perfection with the intent, not of achieving it, but of getting as close as humanly possible(i.e. Satanism).

“Oh, so, you’re just pushing Satanism, huh?”

No, no I am not. I’m not pushing anything. I’m stating the case. Satanism is only for those who can handle the task of examining yourself consistently, searching for any fault you have, any thing you need to improve, and recognizing it. Not just recognize it, but accept it calmly and get to work fixing it, learn, learn how to improve where you need to, work at it, don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goal. It’s simple, but it’s not for the weak of heart or for the person who is okay with complacency.

I’m not a Satanist. Not because I don’t believe in the values it holds, but because I’m not up to the task, and I wouldn’t want to tarnish the name. To take up a religion is to bear its semblance and its soul. To claim yourself Christian is to bear the name of a follower of Christ, a new age disciple. To claim to be a Buddhist is to take on the name of one who follows the teachings of Buddha, to become an ambassador of his teachings. To claim a Satanist is to bear the name of the religion, and to bear the image as a pillar. To not uphold the name you carry is to disrespect and to tarnish the name itself. For a Christian to defy the true teachings of Christ is to tarnish the Christian name. The same for any religion, any.”

Society in Progress