The Devil in Tarot


The Devil.

Storm clouds pierced the clear blue sky. You could feel everything. All that was present in the world around could also be felt inside you. The tempest. Changing. The future colliding with the past. Driven to the brink of madness. Falling over the edge. Until he gave you his hand, and everything became stable. Calm. He erased all your pain, he silenced your fears. A just god. Noble and true. Not jealous or angry. Both men and women. Balanced and equal. A celebration of oneness. Open and honest.

Tarot Dreams

Mesopotamian Society and “The Watchers”


“The Garden (Eden) there spoken of was Babylon “The gate of the gods” (New Babylon -> Nimrod etc.) as the name means. Babylon surrounded by high walls was indeed a garden in the strict sense of the word for it was large enough to hold agricultural grounds as well as houses. Into this garden the gods (Elohim) took the proletarians or “forerunners of the gods” on probation, to make “like us.” The Serpent priest or Satan/Lucifer warned them they would only be slaves. (The Pharaoh of Egypt was called a Dragon, Ezekial 29:3, and the soldiers of the Pharaoh were called Dragons.) Thus it may be easily seen why the children of Israel were prone to worship the Serpent, the emblem of the gods from whence they came.” – Henry Binkley Stein

“The early Israelites were mostly sun worshipers. And even in later times, the sun god, Baal, divided with Jehovah the worship of the Jews. Solomon’s worship included not merely the worship of Jehovah, but that of Baal and other gods … Most of the Israelites certainly saw no harm in these ornaments.” – John E. Remsberg

“That there was in progress a great colonizing movement by the gods (Watchers) is evidenced by the names of the countries of Europe. Each European country has an El derivitive name. This deserves more research. We shall enumerate some of them: Belgium, Alle-mania, Angel-land, Gaul or Gael, Kel or Caledonia, Val or Vals and its reverse Slave, possibly from the Runic language; Italy from the word Atlas(synonym for Lucifer); Palestine from the word Pales the god of pasture lands; Illyria, Wallencia, and so forth.” – Henry Binkley Stein

– originally cited by Illumination XXX

Getting Real With Theistic Satanism


“With all the Social Networks swirling with new groups, spacemen, and dragon lords it resembles a game of Dungeons and Dragon’s (“wonders who remembers this game?”).

It is time if you have chosen the path of Theistic Satanism to chose what direction you will journey.

While Gray’s and Ancient Astronauts and Ghost Stories all are interesting, we must no forgot what our deity would really want us to be doing.

  1. It was said once by one of his priests from 3,000 B.C. “Interesting themes lie in the skies but the dragon should lie in our hearts and minds.”
  2. While Bigfoot discussion are fun, we should be studying and learning to increase our wisdom not in New Age books (that come out by the dozens as of late) but in Ancient Manuscripts and books written before the 1600’s.
  3. Once should be practicing and performing all important celebrations in private or in groups as our deity asks us the Dedicate and Celebrate our lives to him.

It seems these days that everyone is trying to write a Harry Potter Epic, mixing in Vampires and all types of things that go “bump” in the night.

People are like sheep lost in the world that calls itself “Left Hand” and forgetting the deity cannot be judged by humans, he judges us.

I believe and I repeat I cannot speak for the deity, but I think he wants us to focus on success and improving our lives getting jobs and getting active could both be beneficial you, and most of all read, read and do more reading.

… Please don’t be a mark, following people without Satan and without reality is getting us no where and as I have said a hundred times we need to make our religion real, at this point its as fake and false as people on the Social Networks who have “fake profiles!”

… Remember we need reality and NOT VIRTUAL REALITY that is how Christianity, Islam, and hundreds of other REAL RELIGIONS are moving forward and that is why we are always left in last place, you want change you need to make Theistic Satanism valid.”

– Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, The Temples of Satan

An Exorcise in Faith


“Earlier that afternoon, we had been enjoying turkey sandwiches in the cafeteria. We never had our expectations set very high for the food at church camp. We were under no illusions that Rachael Ray was hard at work behind the closed doors to the kitchen. As such, we had made the best we could of what we were given. Now, however, I was wishing that I had passed on lunch.

I had sat next to Megan in the lunchroom because there was something about her that intrigued me. She was part of the classification of teenager we called “New Wave,” which would later be called “Goth” and sometimes “Emo” in its millennial reiterations. She wore all black clothing, dark eye makeup and lipstick, and had by her own admission done a fair amount of experimentation in the arena of hallucinogens—information that might have proved useful had I been aware of what that really meant during the time I was sharing a cabin with her.

In retrospect, I am not entirely certain what would have inspired me to keep such company back then in my “über-Christian” state, but I believe I was trying to convert her. It was no secret that she was a troubled youth, if ever there was one. And still, she had a sweet personality. She was always friendly to Scott and me. When she set down her half-eaten sandwich and whispered to me that she was having flashbacks, I was on it. I asked her if she wanted to go lie down. She murmured something about spiders crawling on her hands and nodded emphatically. Seeing my chance to be a good friend, I let her hold onto my arm as we walked back alone through the woods to our cabin, all the while becoming more and more freaked out as she narrated what she was seeing around her. That tree was a dog a second ago. There was an old man peeking at us from behind that tree. And behind the next, another man stood with an axe.

By the time we got to the empty cabin, I was ready. I knew about this sort of thing. I had heard about a girl who had been through an exorcism. She, sadly, had been inhabited by a “Laughing Demon” right in the middle of Youth Group—and there was nothing funny about it.

“Megan, I think we should pray,” I told her, leaning up against a ladder to a top bunk. She stood facing me from a couple of feet away, blinking. Since she didn’t argue, I started right in. I had just gotten to the part where I asked God in Jesus’ name to protect Megan, when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up.

“Stop praying,” the voice told me.

It was Megan’s voice, only not. Lower. Louder. Likewise, her face was her own, only not. Something weird about her eyes. Bigger, more piercing. They were staring hatred clean through me. In truth, they almost looked…reptilian. I stammered a little. I had not exactly expected this. Or maybe I had. At any rate, I attempted to rise to the occasion with Me vs. The Demon, round one.

“In Jesus’ name, leave Megan alone,” I told it.

She closed her eyes. Whimpered a little. I began to pray harder.

“Don’t stop praying,” she whimpered at me. “It hurts, but don’t stop.”

“You have no business here,” I told the demon. “I order you back to Hell where you belong.”

“Shut up,” it told me firmly, her cold eyes glaring at me once again. Another shock went through my body as I stared back at her.

“In Jesus’ name come out of her and leave her alone,” I repeated, to which it replied by shaking Megan’s body violently before throwing her like a ragdoll onto one of the lower beds, where she proceeded to pass out.

I stood there, staring at her, unsure of what to do next. Had the demon left? Does one touch a person when they are passed out due to demon infestation? Is it contagious? I was not given the chance to find out. That was when she jumped up and ran to the bathroom, where she began puking up demons along with her turkey sandwich.”

-Erika Rae, Devangelical

Satanism: Why Not?


“Okay, so, here’s my thing. I understand that there are obvious stigma attached to this, but hear me out, will ya? I get how America is primarily populated by ‘christians’ and all, but why not Satanists? No, not what the vast majority of America believes to be Satanists, or, for sake of brevity as it will reoccur, ‘satanists,’ with the whole blood sacrifices, creepy aura of evil, and general hatred of all things good that gets pegged onto the religion by, pretty much everyone who hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about(i.e. next to everyone); I mean actual Satanists. A common misconception of Satanism is mentioned above, whereas, regardless of branch, be it LaVeyan, Atheistic, Spiritual, you have one common goal approached through different methods: become stronger.

Yes! The point of being a Satanist is to strengthen yourself. It’s truly that base simple. Become independent, strengthen and hone your mind and your body, become stronger, smarter, more capable, expand every horizon of your being. It is about becoming as capable as you can, taking responsibility for your actions, and accepting your faults as what they are so that you may work to improve yourself better, not lean on someone else that may not be there when push comes to shove.

I’m not saying Satanism is perfect, or even that it’s for just anyone. It’s not. Just like Christianity is for just anyone. A religion is a religion, a system of beliefs categorized under a common name and shared with all those who believe equally. It can be one in which others seek shelter and look for help(i.e. Christianity, where the Lord is your shepherd and your rock) or it can be one in which people create a grindstone to sharpen themselves, to shed the excess and pull themselves towards perfection with the intent, not of achieving it, but of getting as close as humanly possible(i.e. Satanism).

“Oh, so, you’re just pushing Satanism, huh?”

No, no I am not. I’m not pushing anything. I’m stating the case. Satanism is only for those who can handle the task of examining yourself consistently, searching for any fault you have, any thing you need to improve, and recognizing it. Not just recognize it, but accept it calmly and get to work fixing it, learn, learn how to improve where you need to, work at it, don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goal. It’s simple, but it’s not for the weak of heart or for the person who is okay with complacency.

I’m not a Satanist. Not because I don’t believe in the values it holds, but because I’m not up to the task, and I wouldn’t want to tarnish the name. To take up a religion is to bear its semblance and its soul. To claim yourself Christian is to bear the name of a follower of Christ, a new age disciple. To claim to be a Buddhist is to take on the name of one who follows the teachings of Buddha, to become an ambassador of his teachings. To claim a Satanist is to bear the name of the religion, and to bear the image as a pillar. To not uphold the name you carry is to disrespect and to tarnish the name itself. For a Christian to defy the true teachings of Christ is to tarnish the Christian name. The same for any religion, any.”

Society in Progress

An Exorcist’s Take on Dark Forces


“Peter Michael is an angel healer, clairsentient, clairaudient, empath, exorcist, and teacher/trainer of spirit and demon removal. He has been involved in the energy healing field for more then 10 years and has worked with many variations of healers and teachers. He was first trained in entity clearing work in 2003 by master exorcist John Livingston.

Peter has been said to be part of “The Great White Brotherhood”, and other light being groups, according to some gifted channels and healers.

Peter was first introduced to spirit entity attachment at the age of 2 years old, when he picked up his first spirit attachment as a result of soul loss and trauma at a very young age. The spirit entity he first picked up was one that came from his own family members. As the years went on, Peter experienced more forms of trauma as most humans do, and picked up other forms of attachments through his early life. It was not until he was opened to the realm of healing of entity attachments did his life change for the better.”, Peter Michael’s official website

What Are Dark Forces?

Dark Forces are non-human dark energy beings which are sent to earth with the intention of causing of harm, misery, pain, and disorder among the human race. They are also here as part of a power and control battle over humans that has been going on since the beginning of human existence. They are only allowed in humans that in some way have made an agreement with them in some type of conscious or unconscious way. This agreement that is made by humans is in essence an agreement to give up personal power through fear, anger, or other lower based emotions. All fear based emotions open energetic openings in the energy field (aura) and it is these emotions which allow the entry of dark and lower level beings. Whenever a human has chosen to operate in fear or anger, that person has chosen to give up a part of its power.

It is this form of consciousness which is the main reason why people have dark force attachments.

Another reason people pick up dark forces is called Soul Loss.

Soul Loss is the loss of personal power and energy from trauma. Whenever we have an emotional or physical trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body to survive the experience. When soul loss occurs it causes permanent holes and openings in the energy field which allow the entry of dark forces and spirit attachments.

There are five types of demons or dark forces.

Shapeshifting Giant Demons
Lesser Demons
Dark ET’s and Reptilians/greys
Fallen Angels
Sorcerer Spirit Entities or Negative Spirit Entities (spirits that have chosen to work with the dark forces)

Shapeshifting Giant Demons

Shape shifting giant demons are the most highly advanced type of demons.They are whole non-human dark energy beings with an extremely high intelligence and ego. There are able to move in and around the energy body (aura) and the physical body. They are able to jump in and out of this realm and into theirs. They can be seen as balls of black energy in the energy field by those that have psychic gifts of vision. They are the major threat in the battle over humanity. They were never angels or light beings or came from the light,they were all born out of dark energy and dark consciousness. They are the most elusive and hardest to remove because they are able to shield themselves from the vision and detection of most healers.They are the most common and can be found on most people who have attachments. The only way they can detected is through shamanic journeying or dowsing with a pendulum. Shapeshifters have been on earth since the beginning of time but more recently they have evolved in the ways they function with humans.

Lesser demons

Lesser demons are the lower form of demon. They are not as advanced in the way they work as the shapeshifters but they still possess and a dark and negative power. Lesser demons are a combination of masses of dark and negative souls that have been compressed together to form a dark energy being. Lesser demons are a weaker and less powerful form of demon but hey are still a threat.

Dark ET’s Reptilians

Dark ET’s and Reptilians are alien dark forces. They work together with the demons of the dark side. There more advanced then the demons of the dark forces and they control and are leaders of many demons. Dark ET’s and reptilians are on a much higher level of power than the demons and therefore retain a higher intelligence because of that. Dark ET’s are harder to remove because of there level of intelligence and power. Dark ET’s work on a much deeper level within humans to separate them from there higher soul or higher level of power. Dark ET’s and reptilians also steal the astral body or spirit body of many humans while they sleep and dream. Dark ET’s have also created a conflict with the laws of the universe by interfering with the freewill of the human population.

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are dark angelic beings. Fallen Angels were once light beings but over time they chose to have power over and control the human race. They chose the darkside and were separated from the angels of the light. Fallen angels are extremely rare and have been found to only possess female women. They are not a major threat in the battle of power over the human race.

Sorcerer spirit entities and Negative Spirit Entities

Negative spirit entities are human souls who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the other side. But they are much different then other human souls that are trapped on earth. They in some way have chosen to help and aid the dark forces in their work to have power over humans. NSE work alongside the dark forces to share in the manipulation and energy stealing from humans.

Sorcerer Spirit Entities are a special group of negative spirits that have chosen a much darker path then the ordinary negative spirit entities. SSE exist by stealing soul pieces and personal power from the people they possess. SSE work together with demons to have more power over the person they possess. Many sse were at one time sorcerers in there life on earth. Sorcerers were people that worked with the power of the darkside to have power over other people. Many sorcerers were from the medieval ages but still Sorcerers can be found in all walks of life in modern times from the energy thief that wastes your time and steals your energy to the rapist who steals the power of the women he rapes. SSE steal and hold parts of personal power from the peopl they possess and when they are removed they must give up the parts of power they have stolen.

Watcher Demons

Watcher demons are demons that are waiting around you for a dor to open so they can attach to you. Watcher demons can only hang around you and wait for a door to open so they can attach to you. Watcher demons are potential threats so they must also be removed.

What they do to you:

Dark forces have a variety of symptoms they cause humans to have. The most common are:

emotional pain, depression, low energy levels (tiredness), constant fatigue, suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, drug and/or alcohol addictions, unhealthy addictions, over eating, hearing voices in the mind, strange or weird thoughts that don’t seem your own, being directed by an inner voice, most mental illness, mental or emotional instability, poor concentration, mood swings, multiple personalities, confusion, deep anger/aggressiveness, nightmares or any negative/terrifying dreams/day dreams, sleep paralysis, anxiety, paranoia, constant negative or fear based thoughts and/or emotions, waking up tired after a full night’s rest, criminal and/or violent behaviors, sexual abuse, mental noise (unclear thinking), dark thoughts and/or impulses, unexplained physical pain or problems without any known cause, constantly sabotaging yourself or others, negative beliefs, religious fanaticism, abusing or attacking others either emotionally, physically etc., energy stealing among people (psychic vampires), limited/lower consciousness, feelings of giving everything up, feeling your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself, constantly trying to control or have power over others, loss of your purpose/path in life, loss of your power/soul and more.

How many people have them:

Based on my research of 10 years of channeling, working with pendulums and working together with highly advanced healers and teachers I have found that 50% or more of the population in the united states have demons and other dark forces attached to them. I have also found that 75% or more of the population in the us have spirit entities or human souls attached to them.”

– Peter Michael, The Types Of Dark Forces/Demons and Spirits That Exist And Attach To People

“These are some of the most common misconceptions about spirits, demons/dark forces, and spirit and dark force attachment.

1. If you don’t believe in spirits or dark forces then you are not going to pick them up.

This is false.

Just because you have chosen to not believe in the attachment of dark forces and spirits does not mean that you cannot pick them up. That is like saying, if you do not believe in cancer then you can’t get it. If you have chosen to deny the existence of dark forces and spirits, that only causes you to stay unaware of the truth. You may end up having some type of dark force or spiritual attachment, but because you have chosen to not believe in them, you will ultimately end up living your entire life with them.

Dark forces and spirits are not a belief; they are a simple fact of life, and whether you believe in them or not does not make a difference as to whether they will attach to you. I have a friend who is an exorcist and she says that people come to her and say, “Well I thought because I didn’t believe in them that I would be safe from them”. It is the people who decide to deny them that will have the most problems because they will be completely clueless as to what is really going on with themselves on an energetic and spiritual level.

2. There are no demons or dark forces, spirits, angels, or a god. The only thing that exists is life on earth.

This is false.

Beyond the physical dimension of life on earth there are beings which are non-physical, which are both dark and light. Human beings who cannot see beyond the physical dimension of life are actually trapped on a consciousness level. Their consciousness is trapped on the physical dimension. It is like only being able to see a small part of life, and then thinking that that small part of life is all that exists. Let’s say for example you lived in a small town, and you were only allowed to live in that town. In that town there were no televisions, cars, or big buildings, airplanes, or technology. Now if you spent your entire life in that town, it would be all you knew. In fact, you would believe so strongly that what was in that town was all that there was in life. If someone new came into your town and told you that there was something called a city, that had automobiles, airplanes, television and technology you would not believe them. In fact, you might even call them crazy. You would not believe them because you spent your whole life in a limited environment, and you became trained to believe that this environment was all that there was. Now very similar to this story is the dimension of physical and non-physical life. People who have not gone beyond the physical dimension are trapped within it, and are trained to believe that it is all that exists.

3. Only atheists, non-religious people, or “sinners” can pick up spirits and/or demons/dark forces.

This is false.

All people can pick up spirits and demons/dark forces regardless of age, sex, intelligence level, religious preference, financial status, personality, hair color, etc. This is a made up religious belief created to keep people who believe it trapped in the belief and unaware of the truth.

4. Spirits and demons/dark forces can be removed with spells, chanting/mantras, reiki, sound, prayer, salt, magic, sorcery, aura cleansing, energy healing, positive thinking/wishful thinking, incense, sage/smudging, candles, white light, meditation, methods used by religions, reading the bible/koran/bhagavad gita or any other religious book, or just believing in the universe/creator/god, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or some other deity.

This is false.

It should be understood that when a spirit or dark entity/demon decides to attach itself to you or anyone else, it is not going to leave without being forced to leave. It has decided that it is going to stay with you till death and unless you can come up with some type of action to seriously force it to leave, it is not going anywhere. Spirits and dark forces can only be removed with an energy stronger then themselves. This energy is love. Love is the only thing that is more powerful then fear and all fear based beings, energies, thoughts, and emotions. But you must know how to use love in the correct way. Anything you use or do which does not invoke a supreme power or energy of love will not work. Demons, dark forces and spirits also need to be directed to a certain place. You cannot just say leave me, or go away. They must be taken and told where they are needed to go, and they all go to different places depending on the types of entities they are. This is the reason most religious methods, chants, prayers, white light visualizations, and everything else do not work, because they are not complete removal methods, nor do they have the intensity of energy required to remove non-physical beings. Removing spirits and dark forces is not an easy task especially if you are not using the correct method and you are not using the correct form of energy behind that method. If you are using the correct method and you use that method with the correct energy and intention behind it then removing whatever is attached to you or someone else is very easy. Anything is difficult when you do not use the correct tools. Most spirit removal/exorcism/depossession methods do not work, especially the methods used by most common religions and some types of spiritualists/psychics/mediums.

5. Demons, spirits, and dark forces are something you should fear.

This is false.

Demons and spirits are not something to fear, but instead they are something to understand. If you fear them, then you have chosen to give them power. If you fear them then you have not learned how to deal with them and not dealing with them will only make you fear them even more. What you deny and hide from only creates a bigger more powerful form of fear.

6. You have to be an exorcist or be highly trained to remove spirits, demons, or dark forces.

This is false.

Maybe in the past it was taught that only the ministers, or the top priests were able to remove spirits and dark forces, but that is not true. Anyone on earth can remove dark forces and spirits, even small children if they were trained correctly. It is like saying that only certified exterminators can kill rats and mice from your house, when in reality a small child can kill an rat, all it takes is knowing how to do in the right way.

7. Exorcism is painful.

This is false.

Exorcism is never meant to be painful or stressful or take longer than a few minutes to perform. All the hysteria from movies have trained people to think that exorcism is hard, and painful, and will make your head spin around. In reality exorcism is actually painless, and makes people feel like a weight has been taken off of their shoulders, or a heaviness has been removed from them.

8. You can only get spirits or demons from paying attention to them, or focusing on them, or thinking about them. If you do not pay attention to them you will not pick them up.

This is false.

This is like saying if you have sex with someone who has an STD, but you do not pay attention to them you will not pick up their disease. Now your mind and thoughts are a form of energy and if you are constantly thinking fear based thoughts about how demons are out to get you, then that may attract more of them to you, but it will not cause you to pick them up. The only real causes of people picking up spirit or dark entity attachments is fear, and all fear based emotions, lowering yourself in any way through drugs and/or alcohol, or losing a form of your power/energy through soul loss.

9. Demons/dark forces and spirits are the same thing.

This is false.

Demons are non-human dark energy (negative and fear) based beings who are tasked or sent to this planet with the intent of causing serious harm to people and disrupting life to the greatest extent possible.

Spirits/ghosts are human souls who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the next world. Because they did not choose to cross over they became stuck on earth as either whole souls or soul fragments. Both spirits and demons/dark forces attach to people, but they both have different intentions and agendas. Spirits are mostly interested in using people for energy, while dark forces are interested in stealing people’s power, light and soul.

10. You have to be hearing voices or be crazy to be possessed.

This is both true and false.

You do not have to be severely possessed to have a spirit or dark force attached to you. People who hear voices and/or talk to beings that are not there or real are severely possessed. But most people are not at that level. To be at that level you have to have had some serious trauma and opened some serious doorways in your life. Most people are “partially possessed”. Partial possession means that a person is still fully functioning, meaning they are able to have a job, have friends, and do all the normal things that people do, except that their thoughts, emotions, and energy are partially influenced by a small amount of spirits and/or dark forces. Most people do not open doorways big enough for a massive amount of spirits and dark forces to enter them. Most people open small doorways so that they get a few demons and/or spirits attach to them, and usually it is 1-3. People who are heavy drug and/or alcohol users tend to pick up more serious types of attachments like dark ET’s and demons in multitudes.

11. If I had a demon or spirit attached to me I would know it.

This is false.

How would you know it if you had a demon or spirit attached to you? You may have some of the symptoms stated on my website, but you also may have become used to those symptoms and not think that they are serious. It is almost like having a nail stuck in your hand. In the beginning you would feel the nail, but over time you would get used to the feeling of the nail. This is how demons and spirits work within people. As time goes on they become more and more a part of the people they attach to. Most people with spiritual attachments do not know they have them because the attachments feel so much like their natural self. It may sound odd that a person would not know that they have something distinct from themselves within their energy fields/aura, but it is the way things work. Most people are shut off on so many levels that they just have not developed the gift or ability to sense, see, or feel something non-physical within them. It is a psychic gift that only so many people have developed. So most common people walk around completely unaware (spiritually asleep) that they have something external to themselves within them. I have also had the opportunity to meet many healers and psychics who were also completely unaware they had some spirit or dark force attached to them. It is a special type of awareness to be able to feel and sense or see non-physical energy.

12. Psychics/mediums, priests/preachers, shamans, and other healers are very good at removing spirits and demons/dark forces.

This is false.

Most healers, 99% of preachers/priests/ministers, and most psychics and mediums have no idea how to remove spirits and dark forces. They may have developed some type of method or technique they use, but that does not mean those methods work. I have had many people come to me telling me this healer or psychic removed a dark entity or spirit from them, when in reality the dark entity or spirit was never removed. The healer may have done some other type of energy work that masked the feeling of the spirit or dark force attachment for a temporary time, but when that energy work wore off the spirit or dark force revealed itself again. Shamans and shamanic healers in general do not know how to remove dark forces. There are many of them who can remove spirit attachments/ghosts, but not dark forces. Most healers are just not trained in the removal of dark forces or spirits, or they have certain beliefs, or ideas about them which are not accurate. They will not detect them in you and they will leave them attached to you. Just because a person has the title of “healer” or “shaman” or “psychic” does not mean you should work with them. You should also be wary of people who remove demons/dark forces and/or spirits but do not do soul retrieval work to accompany that, or psychics, shamans, witch doctors, or wiccans that use spells, voodoo, black magic, white magic or some type of sorcery to remove spirits and/or dark forces. Spirits and demons/dark forces are all fear based beings, and anything a person uses that is also fear based will not remove them. There is a dark side to healing, and some healers are not working with the “light”, and may cause you more problems then before you encountered them. Ask them questions, notice their responses, check and verify them, see what other types of healing work they do, and examine them as a whole.

13. You cannot remove demons, dark forces or spirits from people at a distance.

This is false.

In the world of spirit, distance makes no difference in healing. Removing spirits and demons from people at a distance is the same as removing them if they were in front of you. In fact, many healers who do spirit releasement work prefer to work at a distance as it helps to protect themselves from picking up any of the clients attachments. Healers who cannot do at-distance spirit removal work are not at an advanced level of removing non-physical beings. Every healer who does that type of work should have no problem working at a distance.

14. Exorcism is dangerous.

This is true and false.

Exorcism is dangerous if the person who is doing the exorcism is inexperienced which causes the entity to not leave and also possibly become angry. But this is of least importance. If an entity is attached to someone that is more dangerous then trying to remove it. As an example, think of it as a snake in the basement of your house. Leaving that snake to roam around as it pleases is a worse scenario then trying to get rid of it. If it is left to roam it may cause more damage then if it was not there to begin with. If you are not experienced with killing snakes, it may bite you, but at least you gave it a try to get rid of it. Maybe the next time you try to remove it from your property you will use a better technique so that you do not get bit. Your own fear is worse then any dark entity getting angry at you. And like all things in life, if it does not work the first time, try and try again until it is gone.

15. Dark forces and spirits like certain people more then others.

This is true.

Some people have an unknown ability within themselves, and if they developed that ability or gift it might cause them to become “threats” to the dark forces. These people may be called light workers or something of that nature. Basically there are some of us who possess a potential to create immense light on this planet and shift the negative and dark energies here in such a way that it would create a major shift within this planet. By creating this shift we would therefore be diminishing the dark light or darkness in this world. People like this are threats to the dark forces, and so in a plan to control and dominate light workers, demons and dark forces are actually tasked or sent to certain people. They have also been known to wait for these “special” light workers to incarnate again after dying in a previous lifetime. They would follow them around as soon as they entered a new human body and wait for them to create some type of opening so they could attach to them. Now all people are in some way or another a potential light worker, therefore all people are treated as if they could possible be threats to the dark forces. But there are certain “gifted” individuals who may actually create some serious damage to the dark forces agenda, thereby causing the dark forces to have less power and control over humans. They “special” people are treated as goals or prizes among the dark forces.

16. Your own fears are good, healthy and a natural part of being human. You could never stop having fear.

This is false.

Fear is not a natural part of being human. You have trained yourself to have fear. It is a learned response.

It is how animals that do not have any self-control function. It is also a choice. It is how you have chosen to function through wrong habits, ideas, and lifestyles. It is also how people feel because they are dis-empowered. If you have spent most of your life with spirits, demons, or dark forces attached to you, that has influenced the way you think, feel, and respond to life. Anger is also fear, just directed in a different path with more intense negative emotions and energy added to it. Fear is also an energy. It is the lowest level frequency and vibration that exists in the universe. Because it is a lower form of energy, it attracts everything that is of a lower form of energy – demons, spirits, paranoia, violence, fear based thinking, etc. Most people whether they understand it or not are operating under some level of fear. Even advanced healers and masters who project an image of being enlightened and evolved have fear repressed somewhere within themselves. If there is anything that you fear, then there is a part of yourself that has not been healed. A part of yourself is still connected to a lower level, and by repressing it or denying it only makes it grow and have more power.

Fear encompasses so many things beyond emotions and thoughts, like your energy, vibration, and frequency.

Every human has a certain vibration or energetic frequency. This vibration is also connected to fear. You may not be afraid of many things, but that does not say that your energy does not vibrate at a fear level. For instance, many people completely unknown to themselves feed and live from the life-force (energy) of other people. People like this have been called energy or psychic vampires, emotional vampires, draining, needy and empty people, etc. These are all people who are in a very dark and lower vibration (fear). Now these people may project confidence, positivity and power, yet their energy and aura emanates a very low level fear based energy. Because their energy, aura and light is dark and dis-empowered, they have to feed off of other people’s energy and power in order to compensate for their own lack of power and energy. And this is how many people function.

Fear is an illusion designed to dis-empower you and keep you locked in the structure and physics of a psychological and spiritual dimension, the fear dimension. In reality fear has no power except the power you give to it.”

– Peter Michael, The Misconceptions of Spirits, Demons/Dark Forces and Possession