Ode To Satanic Women – Updated

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I felt this blog post needed to be dusted off and used again. After all, it is a subject that is near and dear to me. I hope you enjoy this “retread” during this Halloween season.

I have expressed my opinions of women in several posts and in my books as well. There are however, times I feel so inclined to say much more and I suppose this is one of those times.

I believe women have been slighted in the realm of theology. Women have much to contribute to any discussion on “religion” and for those who have truly seen the benefits of Satanism, they offer even more pellucid points. Women are intelligent and not to circumvent the issue, women are beautiful and worshipful creatures.

From the beginning of recorded history, women have been somewhat brushed to the side of all religions and are usually sequestered in…

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The Satanic Witch

Devil's Advocates


This is not a review of the famous (or infamous) book of that title by Anton LaVey, although I do recommend the said tome as one of his most perceptive works. No, this is simply a post about what it means to be a Satanic Witch; or a witch who is a Satanist. Not all Satanists practice witchcraft (although I would imagine that many of us do to some extent) and clearly not all witches are Satanists. So let’s start with terms…

There are many definitions of what a witch is (look them up) but I will give my own. A witch is a person who uses their knowledge of things natural and supernatural to manipulate the universe according to their will. It sounds a bit pretentious but does I think sum it up quite neatly. Thus witchcraft can include everything from knowing how to use herbs to poison or…

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The Satanic adversary


Satan is a Hebrew word, it means “adversary” or “opposer.”  The Jewish worldview is that they are the chosen people of their god, any adversity the Jew faced such as an invading army, a famine or sickness, was due to an angel of their god testing them, the angel was called Satan.

Christianity, Islam and then Satanism took the Hebrew word for Satan and gave it their own meanings.  To understand the essence of Satanic adversarialism is to return to the core of the Hebrew worldview of what Satan is.

Adversarialism is a state of being that the Satanist exists in due to an external challenge that they encounter.  For instance, the Mormon stops me in the street in order to market their religion, a state of existential conflict arises between me and the Mormon salesperson as I defend my Satanic will to manifest my own agency, free of restrictions…

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Masters of Existence


“People create gods in their own image according to their own desires and needs. Gods tend to agree precisely with the beliefs of their believers, care about the same things as those who believe in them, even to speak to them personally, to be a friend to the lonely. They fulfill the needs of some people so neatly because it is those people who themselves create the personalities and wishes of the God they profess. It is Human imagination at work, tied in with the ego, and with the subconscious. Gods are our creations. Within organized religion, people’s opinion on their “god” is always individual and subjective even though they as a group call their God by the same name. Depending on a person’s will and need they search out gods that closely match what they themselves want.

Satanism abhors these gods in their multitudes. Satan is the anti-god… destroying all these invented external sources of power. In the name of Satan, there is only one true power that exists above Gods: Human minds. For it is only Human Beings that have made gods, and it is in our image that they are made. We create gods: We give them Human emotions, human desires, and even give them hands, faces, bodies, clothes and weapons. Why is all this so? We are dishonest. We create gods in this manner because we dare not admit the truth: We Are Gods.

Religion and worship must be honest. If you are going to put your heart, desires and motivations behind an object of devotion, there is no point lying to yourself about the nature of your psychological projections. The source of this objectification of your ideas about reality is your own mind. The abstract nature of god, however convoluted, is your own creation. That’s why all the gods of history have had human emotions, cared for humans in particular, put the Earth at the center of their schemes, cared about what us human wear, think, do and feel. Gods have even looked like us. Let us discard such wishful thinking and admit that we’re making it all up. In Satanism, we do not worship others or ideas. We worship ourselves, as we are the source of all the great things we adore. Self-worship is the most honest form of religiosity.”

– Vexen Crabtree, Masters of Existence: Subjectivism and Self-Worship in Satan

Music: Satan’s Gift to Humanity


“The Devil has always had the best tunes; this has been known for centuries. Along with literature, theatre, and art, the xian church has always regarded music with great suspicion, when it wasn’t completely under their strict and oppressive control.

Satan is master of the violin and flute. 18th century Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini was inspired when Satan appeared to him in a dream. He heard Satan playing the violin. He said it was the most beautiful music he had ever heard. It was “indescribably beautiful.” He immediately awoke and tried to write it down to copy it, but it never turned out the same way. He did the best he could to duplicate it. He published it and named it “The Devil’s Trill.”

19th century violinist Niccolo Paganini came under intense suspicion of “collaborating with the Devil.” In other words, no one could write or play anything so beautiful without help from Satan. Here the xian church indirectly admits that the beauty of Satan outshines what they worship.

Modest Mussorgsky composed “A Night On Bald Mountain.” The music portrayed a witches’ sabbat. In the original piece, Satan reigned triumphant at the climax, but this was too much for Mussorgsky’s xian contemporaries. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov revised it, ending the piece with the ringing of a church bell.

Satan also inspired Carl Orff in his dreams when he wrote “Carmina Burana.” This music is best known from the soundtrack of the movie, “The Omen.” Orff told his wife that he saw Demons many times in his dreams when he composed the music.

Jazz is synonymous with Satan. The rhythmic beat, the dances the music inspires, and of course, it opened the door to rock and roll.

Music has always been a great friend to humanity. Music is a tension reliever, as it relaxes the left (logical) side of the brain so that the creative right side can manifest itself in new ideas and solutions to things, in the same way meditation helps us. Satan can speak to us through the music. Music makes any activities more pleasant. Work becomes easier, a fast beat can get one going, a soothing beat can calm one’s mood, and sexual intercourse to music can be blissful.

William Blake once stated that all true poetry was the “work of the Devil.” Satan inspires creativity. He works to bring out creativity in all of his disciples. With Satan, we learn and grow as individuals. Each one of us is unique.

The enemy wants everyone to be clones, drones and drabs. Take a look at the women under the Taliban, the xian Quakers, the Amish and the Hasidic jews with their strict rules on how to dress. There is no room for any personal creativity whatsoever. These religions desecrate and kill the human spirit, while they enslave the soul. Satan stands for freedom and individuality.

© Copyright 2002, 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457″ – joyofsatan.org

Lilith, Lucifer, and the Tree of Knowledge


“The plant that is the Tree of Knowledge in the book of Genesis is a tree dwelling strain of Datura. There are twelve known strains of Daturas in the world today, the most well known species in North America being Datura Stromonium, AKA Thorn Apple, AKA Devil’s Weed. Devil’s Weed can be located on the side of the road, in bean or corn fields, and in vacant lots or cow pastures throughout the Midwest. It is a large, bushy plant, with white-magenta tented, trumpet shaped flowers, and round, prickly-spiked fruit.

The tropane alkaloids (atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine) of the plant provide a sedated, but predominately hallucinogenic effect, which is conducive to having visions and spiritual apiphanies.

The flying ointments of the Witches from the middle ages were sometimes made of Datura, as it is an astral projection catalyst. The Witches would apply these ointments to their broom handles and employ them as dildos. The mucous membranes of the vagina would absorb the tropane alkaloids of the plant and the Witches were “flown” to their Sabbats on the astral plane were they consorted the Devil and indulged in sexual orgies.

And so, Eve, persuaded by the serpent, found that Yahweh was indeed a liar, for when she and Adam ate of the fruit they saw through the eyes of gods.
When Yahweh sees this he becomes infuriated, showing his true colors at last. He banishes Adam and Eve from Eden, casting down malicious and excessive curses for the couples so called “sin”, although his true motive was to distance them from the Tree of Life, so that they could not eat of it as well.”

This account of the Fall of Man casts Lucifer as both conspirator against God and lover of Lilith, claiming it is she who manifested as a serpent to convince Eve to consume the fruit. It also provides additional backstory on what Lucifer’s personal vendetta with God might be.